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Media Archive Introduction

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Magazine Articles

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Soaring - September 1975

Why is White so Sacred? - By John P. Greene

reprinted with permission

Mechanix Illustrated - January 1979

A Plane For Under $4,000 - By Wayne Thoms


Homebuilt Aircraft - February 1981

Q2: The New Two-Place Quickie- By Don Dwiggins
Viking Dragonfly - By Don Dwiggins
Burt Rutan Interview - By Sam Greene

Air Progress - April 1981

How About A Quickie For Two? - By Peter Lert


Popular Science - August 1981

180-mph Kit Canard
- By Ben Kocivar




Homebuilt Aircraft -May 1982

First Flight Report: AMS/OIL Racer
- By Don Downie

reprinted with permission

Homebuilt Aircraft - March 1984

A Quicker Quickie- By Bill Cox


Homebuilt Aircraft - June 1984

Turbo Testbed- By Don Dwiggins

The Complete Guide to Rutan Aircraft 3rd Edition - 1987

Chapter 6 - Quickie: The Engine Came First
- By Don and Julia Downie

reprinted with permission


KITPLANES - September 2006

Las Vegas Quickie - Not What you're thinking.
- By Ed Wischmeyer


The above articles are posted here for the education of our readers. Every effort has been made to seek the permission of the original copyright holder to reprint these materials, but in many cases the magazine is no longer in print, making direct communication with the copyright holder either difficult or impossible.

I have included full source citations for each of these works, and therfore, I believe the inclusion of these materials on this website constitutes fair use of the original copyrighted work. If you are the copyright holder, and wish to have your article(s) taken down, please contact me, and the material will be removed immediately.