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Q-talk 90 - A Lifting Experience

A Lifting Experience

Have you ever had the challenge of trying to change a tire on your Quickie with the engine installed? Here are two solutions.

Q1 Q2 and Q-200

Paul Fisher Taylor Ridge, IL

One of the best investments I ever made was the purchase of an engine hoist. Whenever I want to change the tires or check the brakes on my Q200,1 hook the engine hoist to the engine and raise the nose of the airplane until the tires are off the ground. It is that simple. As an added bonus, you can also use the engine hoist to support the plane when you want to remove the tail. As you know, once the tail has been removed, the forward half of the plane is heavy. By connecting the engine to the engine hoist, the nose of the plane will remain level.

TriQ2 TriQ200

Jerry Marstall Asheville, NC.

The simplest way I have found to lift the main gear of my Tri-Q2 to remove the wheels is by positioning a small platform under the fuselage, inboard of the main gear axel. A scissors jack is then placed on the platform with a small piece plywood on top to act as a cushion. Crank the scissors jack until the plywood presses against the bottom of the main gear bow where the many additional layers of UNI were placed to create the main gear mounting tabs. Continue to raise the plane until the wheels are off the ground. Once the wheel has been removed, place 2x4 blocks under the lowest part of the main gear where the axel attaches. Then lower the scissors jack until the weight of the gear is resting on the 2x4 blocks. This is a safety measure to prevent the plane from slipping and the axel hitting the ground.

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