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Q-talk 90 - Q-tips and Builder Hints

Q Builders,
We have followed the discussions about ground handling characteristics for over a year and a half now. At any given opportunity, we have offered suggestions or helped others to make their aircraft easy to handle on the ground. We are not wizard airplane builders, yet have 500 hours on airplanes that are totally predictable. Why? Luck? We don't think so.

There is not a nickel's difference between the way our two planes behave. We built them according to plans, but did not know each other through the process. However, in the end, we both have exactly the same controls, providing the same kinds of measured inputs and responses. These airplanes are totally predictable in the air and on the ground, period! They are not twitchy, unstable monsters, beasts or any such thing. They are great, fun, efficient, fast airplanes that draw the attention they deserve, wherever they go.

We believe that when some of these mods are installed, the results will vary, However, if the modsare incorporated into a system, they tend to get the desired results. Why would one want to continue to "beat a dead horse" and continue to "reinvent the wheel" when there are proven designs flying and working well? It seems as though some of you would rather to discuss items that have already been resolved. Believe me, the flying part is so much more fun.

Why wouldn't you rather bite the bullet, do the mods and get on with it? We have installed the following mods on our airplanes:

a. Reflexor Mod
b. Bellyboard Mod
c. La Rue Brake Mod
d. Toe Brake Mod
e. Bellcrank Mod
f. Full Swiveling Tail Wheel Mod

From our perspectives, when and airplane is built according to plans, these mods are needed, nothing more, nothing less. Please take this message as it is intended. We are not beating up on anyone, just trying to get more Q's in the air.

You can order a printed copy of Q-talk #90 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.