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Q-talk 88 - July/Aug 2001 - index

Quickie Builders Association
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July/Aug. 2001
Issue Number 88

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

I have always found that phrase a bit strange. Hey, you just said the guy was dead. Why are you wishing him a long life? During the weeks preceding Oshkosh, I was quite concerned about the general lack of interest (with the exception of Sam Hoskins) expressed on the Q-List about this annual aviation mega event. I remember counting less than ten people that I thought would be attending the Quickie Forum. We asked for a tent there but wondered if all we would need would be a picnic table! After all, we're talking about Oshkosh here. The very idea for the Quickie Builders Association was conceived on those grounds some twenty years ago. WAS THE KING DEAD?

Nothing could have been farther from the truth. A total of five Q's flew in this year and close to thirty-five members and spouses attended the forum. Sam Hoskins was front and center at the Homebuilt Headquarters along with other 1000+ hour homebuilt planes including Brad Hale's award-winning Dragonfly. Paul Fisher from IL and Steve Kulczy-cky from British Columbia were parked in the "Fast Glass" area to the west of the forums. Bob Last was parked near the ultralight section because he was camping next to his aircraft. Jerry Kennedy diverted to the nearby Fond du Lac Airport and commuted to the air show.

Since Sam Hoskins' plane was in a central location, he fielded many Quickie questions from the crowd. Thanks Sam! He was also involved in setting up the pyrotechnics for the air show.

Terry Crouch and Paul Fisher's EAA chapter from IA sponsored the "Homebuilt Emergency Repair Station". We were able to see the team spring into action when a Berkut blew a tire on landing and was blocking one of the major taxiways.

Bob and Jean Malechek sported orange and yellow volunteer vests all week. Bob agreed to work as a volunteer as long as the job came with a golf cart, etc., etc.. He got it all! Bob helped greet campers to Camp Scholler. Jean helped make lunches for the volunteers and lost count one day after serving over 400.

I spoke with Keith Welsh, who was in for just a short time, as I was entering the Parts Mart. Susie was just around the corner on the grass reading a book. Keith snuck around the tent and plopped down right beside her, scaring the bajee-bees out of her. She was wondering why some nut would sit down right next to her when there was this big grassy area all around them. He's lucky Susie didn't deck him with some of her self-defense training.

Steve Kulczycky, one of our newest QBA members, made all the Quickie builders proud when he did a fly-by for the Oshkosh crowd as part of the "Homebuilders Review". We were also proud of Steve Whiteside for conducting a forum on his "Bent C" antennas. Good job guys!

One evening Terry Crouch, Susie and I attended a cook-out for canard airplanes. Burt and Dick Rutan were there, as well as their parents. Unfortunately, we did not have a chance to speak with them. We also attended a "Theater in the Woods" presentation, hosted by David Hart man, in which Dick Rutan described his trip around the world in the Voyager. Plus he showed a videotape of his newest project, a ROCKET powered Long-EZ!

We met and took a picture of "Hoot" Gibson, former astronaut, just after he competed in a mock air race in his red "Riff Raff' Sea Fury. We also shook the hands of the "African-American Tuskegee Airmen" who received awards during the show that week.

The Pioneer Airport hanger offered a new source of entertainment this year, a musical/drama about a WWI pilot, Billy Bishop. The lead actor portrayed many different characters. It was very well done.

A pair of U.S. Air Force B-1B Bombers made three thunderous passes. They flew in from McConnel Air Force Base near Wichita, Kansas.

The only surviving example of the Boeing Stratoliner S307 was on the grounds. This civilian airliner was based on the airframe of the B17 bomber. Not only did it shine, it was airworthy.

Another interesting airplane was one of the largest homebuilt replicas of a WWI Vicker's Vimy. It housed two V12 engines, had a wingspan of 68 feet, a tailspan of 16 feet, cruises at 65 knots and stalls at 35 knots. The pilot demonstrated the extremely short distance required for takeoff by becoming airborne in only 200 feet.

We definitely enjoyed being part of the 750,000 AirVen-ture spectators and 40,000 campers at Camp Scholler. What a week! Long live the King!

Paul Fisher's mighty steed.

Bob Last's Q200 with tent.

Pilot Type N-# ST Wgt TT Crz
Jerry Kennedy Q2 214FK SD 675 345 150
Steve Kulczycky Q2 C-GMBK BC 650 1200 150
Paul Fisher Q200 17PF IL 727 896 170
Sam Hoskins Q200 202SH IL 640 1200 165
Bob Last Q200 488RW WV 700 530 150

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FOR SALE: Q2 includes 0 time Revmaster still in the box. Fuselage halves/firewall together. Latest canard jigs. Vertical fin and wheel pants done. Includes Q200 plans and caibon fiber spars, newsletters, epoxy pump. Contact Farris Wooton 573-751-6047 wk, 573-896-8400 hm or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. state.mo.us $3,000.00

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