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Q-talk 85 - Q-tips - Builder Hints

Kurt Van Dyke, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(via the Internet)

Dave, One of the things I miss most from the Q-Newsletter are the Quick tips. In the good ol’ days of the Q-Newsletters the pages were filled with worthwhile time saving tips which made the building easier. Maybe it’s because most builders are now flying, but some of us are still building. So....for what it’s worth I’ll share five quick tips I have used and I’ll try to send 5 for each newsletter. Print them if you wish but I thought it might be nice to spice up the N.L.

    1. Use an egg timer for timing epoxy mixes. It’s cheap, reliable and needs no batteries. Plus it’s easy to see from a distance.
    2. The large metal spring clamps you can buy for about $1 at the flea market or Home Depot are nice for holding things in place for a quick fit check. I use them to hold templates and other things into place. They also hold electric cords out of the way.
    3. Make paper or cardboard templates of glass lay-ups before cutting the glass. This allows you to cut the glass without waste. Sometimes I use newspaper since it conforms well. I also made a full size Mag box from cardboard before cutting the plywood.
    4. An old automotive windshield wiper motor powered by your battery charger makes a great epoxy mixer. When mounted upside- down with a clothespin attached to hold the stirring stick, its a good start to mixing epoxy and makes up for the “missing man” in the large lay-ups like the wing or canard.
    5. Long vertical blind scraps (like for you patio door) or extra blinds can be cut up into small pieces and makes a perfect squeegee. Be sure to round the corners and break the sharp edges to keep from catching the glass threads.

I’ll send more next month if your interested. Thanks for all the work.

(Ed Note: Kurt epitomizes the Q-Talk spirit by challenging himself to share with you on a regular basis the hints and ideas he developed over the years. This should be a goal for each of us. After all, QTalk’s power can only be realized when we have ACTIVE participation from ALL members. Thank you, Kurt. You are THE MAN!)

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