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Beyond qCAD - Working in 3D


I've been getting a lot of people asking lately if metal parts are available for the Q-2 and Q-200.  Well as some of you know I began making drawings for these in Q-CAD.  It's been slow going, but recently I was contacted by a person that I think can actually manufacture the parts again, so of course this lit a fire under it!


The person who contacted me is using Solid Works, so I thought I would put some of my skills to good use again and learn a new software program.  The thing I like about Solid Works so far is that the tools are very similar to 3D animation software that I'm already familiar with.  (Such as 3D Studio Max.)

After getting over some of the growing pains I'm quickly coming up to speed, and I was able to produce the drawings of the control system parts that appear on this page in just a few hours.

The software is nice, because it allows you to chanfer and fillet areas with ease.  This makes it easy to show welded areas of the parts, and also export drawings quickly.

At any rate, between the two of us, we should have all of the parts drawn within the next week or so, and we can begin calculating the cost of producing parts.  In addition I'd like to make the drawings available in the store for anyone who might be interested in (read "crazy enough") to build their own parts.

So stay tuned.  I think we'll see some further developments here over the next few weeks.  As always I invite you're comments below or in the forums.