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Hour 62 - Left Longeron


In this video I remove the longeron that I had temporarily clamped into position on the left side of the cockpit.  Then I got serious about trying to make it fit snuggly into position.  I ground a little more off the corner to get that area flat, and then mitered the end of the longeron to make sure that it seated perfectly into that area.

Once the back end of the longeron fit tightly, I clamped it back into position, and traced the front of it onto the LAST-A foam with a pencil.  This allowed me to remove the 3/8" foam in the forward area and get the entire length to rest tightly against the outside fuselage skin.

I cut the front of the longeron to a taper, so that it would look a little nicer inside the cockpit, and then rounded the inside corners off, and smoothed everything out with sand paper.

When I was satified with the way everything fit together, all that was left to do was mix up the flox, apply it to the fuselage side and the entire length of the longeron, and then clamp it back into position permanently.  When I tightened all the clamps, I got good flox squeeze out along the entire length.  I simply removed the excess with a rubber glove and squeegee, then stood back to admire the results.  I was very happy with the way it turned out. Laughing

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