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NO. 25
Quickie News


     The NASA LS1-0417 mod airfoil canard is now approved for the Quickie. Flight tests indicate all of the same benefits found on the Q2/Q-200 versions. Flights have been conducted in and out of rain including takeoff and landings - the results? The same as we see on the Q2/Q-200 virtually no effect.
     Bob McFarland constructed the second Quickie new canard which incorporated some changes we deemed necessary after flight tests on Lanny Rundel's Quickie. We had intended to finish the program with Lanny but unfortunately he was also testing a new engine which developed some problems just as the promoter decided to discontinue it. This left Lanny, us and most importantly you, high and dry. As it turned out we did need to make changes in the stiffness structure, as well as the washout and angle of incidence so a second canard was necessary.
     Construction of the Quickie new canard is amost identical to the Q2/Q200 version. We use premanufactured carbon fiber spars which are made on the same tooling used for the Q2/Q200. The lamination schedule and diameters are different, being matched for the Qutckie’s landing gear requirements. We have moved the axles forward a couple of inches which improves ground handling and will permit more weight on th nose if a more powerful engine becomes available. Construction of the new cannard is much easier and quicker than the old canard, also the finished product should be significantly lighter. Since there are only skin plies and no spar caps with joggles, finishing weight should be less and the work required less.

Q2 Turbo
Bob McFarland'sQuickie with the new canard in the foreground. That's his Q2 just behind.

      We are offering the new canard in the same way we did with the Q2/Q200 version. We have prepared an interim set of drawings and instructions. These should be adequate for anyone who has already built substantial parts of his or her aircraft. A final set of drawings are to being done and will be sent to all who order as soon as possible.
The spar kit includes everything you need to build the new canard if you have not already built the old one. If you have, you will need more foam, glass, resin and a few control system parts. We have a bill of materials sheet available at no charge - just ask.
     Introductory price is $600.00. We will hold this price for 60 days, after that the price will be $750.00

      With the introduction of the new canard for the Quickie as well as the approval of vortex generators for the old canard for both the Q2 and Quickie, QAC has now eliminated the problems associated with the GU airfoil canard on all of our aircraft. We are the only company that has done so.

      In the case of the Dragonfly, the problem is just denied and ignored by the promotors of the aircraft - talk to their builders.
      In the case of the Varieze and Longeze RAF has developed a new canard for the Long which is said to eliminate the trim change with rain that the aircraft supposedly didn't have, however the stall speed is said to still be higher and nothing has been done for the Varieze or is planned, with RAF getting out of the homebuilt business, further development is unlikely.