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     Oshkosh had the largest attendence in history. Some were estimating the crowds to exceed one million. Homebuilt fly-ins did not seem to be any more than last year. However, Quickie, Q2 and Q200 numbers were increased over last year for for an all time high of about 16. At least 3 Q200’s, 2 Tri Qs, 4 Quickies and 7 Q2’s were counted by us. It was hard to keep track as many only came for a day or so because of the adverse weather over most of the U.S. before, during and after the event. Curiously at Oshkosh itself, the weather was pretty good.
     Russel Cowles lovely Q200 won an award for Best Workmanship Composite, kit. Bob McFarland brought both his Q2 and his Quickie with the new canard (LSl -0417 mod airfoil)

     On the three busiest days the vast sea of parking areas for “store bought” aircraft were full and the tower was actually turning people away.
Make your plans early for next year especially for rooms and car rentals, as everything was booked several months in advance.
     A lot of people are intimidated by the mass of traffic and don’t fly their homebuilts in. This is a shame, for if you plan on arriving a day or so early you’ll have absolutely no problems.

Tri-Q at Oshkosh
Q200's at Oshkosh
Quickie at Oshkosh
Tri-Q at Oshkosh