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     At Oshkosh, liability was the number one topic for EAA and everyone in the sport aircraft business. EAA's insurance for the convention increased by 300% over last year and they were not able to obtain as much coverage. If this trend continues, and there is no reason that it won't, next year's convention will be the last.
     EAA headquarters has really gotten on the bandwagon and we must all support a coordinated effort, otherwise aviation as we know it will become a memory. Please read Paul Poberezny's comments in the August issue of Sport Aviation. Also read the two articles in that issue on the liability crisis.
     Rutan Aircarft announced in their July newsletter that they were stopping sales of the longeze, Defiant, and Solitaire plans. The reason was poor sales and declining income. However, in private Burt was telling people that liability was the prime reason. While we hoose to fight rather than give up, we can certainly appreciate RAF's decision.
     At Oshkosh, three other companies made, in essence, the same choice, this is exactly what we predicted.


      The Tri Q conversion developed by Scott
and Duane Swing has finished up flight
testing and is now available. We think this
will prove to be very popular with builders
who are concerned about being able to
handle even a good taildragger.
      The Swing team estimates that the Tn Q will only cost about 5 MPH in speed, however. they did not carefully document performance on the aircraft used for the conversion prior to making the change. On the Q200 we’ve estimated about 8 MPH if their 5 MPH estimate is correct. The did not convert Scott’s Q2, as many people think Scott’s is still a well behaved taildragger.
      While we have no objection to the Tri Q conversion, if a builder is now flying and considering changing because of ground handling problems, please contact us first. If you're having problems in this area there is something wrong with your aircraft. Usually a minor change such as the aileron reflexor or ground angle of attack will solve it. But, we can’t help you if you don't contact us.
      The Tn Q conversion is available from:
            Tri Q Development Inc.
            P. 0. Box 519
            Vandalia, OH 45377
            (513) 890-1925
      Price is about $1695.00. You can puichcase a Q2/Q200 kit less those items not needed such as wheels, tires, tailwheel and spring for a discount of $300.00, applied to the package 1B.

     In our own current fight against injustice an update:
     Your contributions to out legal defense fund have made our appeal possible. Without your help we could not have done it. We won’t forget it either.
     All briefs have now been filed in the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. We should have oral arguments scheduled within 60 days or less. The three judge panel will rule sometime after that (4-6 months is our best guess).
     How does it look? We feel, as do our attorneys, that we will win a new trial because of gross errors either allowed or committed by the judge. Assuming we do win a new trial, it will be conducted under instructions from the Appellate court so that the same mistakes are not permitted.
     The plaintif may give up if we win our appeal instead of going through the expense of a second trial. His attorney was quoted in "Western Flyer" as not expecting to ever receive a nickel. Keep thinking that way.

     Under current conditions (Chapter 11) Quickie has been profitable and sales appear to be good. But the court has not allowed any company funds in pursuit of our appeal. Your continued support is needed as our legal defense fund is depleted.
     If you want to see injustice reversed, please help. In the long run all of sport aviation will benefit.
     Please make all checks payable to:
          Ayscough & Marar
          Attorneys At Law
          22330 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 217
          Torrance, CA 90505
     We have at Mojave, a complete transcript of the trial as well as copies of the appellate brief. Anyone who wishes to stop in and review them is more than welcome, but bring your lunch, as it’s about 7 inches thick!
     Some of the largest contributors have been some of our competitors - they know what is at stake here.
     If you have any questions, please call and discuss it with Gene.

Scott Swing's TRI Q at Sun and Fun
Scott Swing's TRI Q at Sun and Fun Flyin, Lakeland, FL.