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Bob McFarland - Quickies at Oshkosh
Bob McFarland

Don Samuels - Quickies at Oshkosh
Don Samuels
Richard Adams - Quickies at Oshkosh
Richard Adams
Arnold Forest - Quickies at Oshkosh
Arnold Forest
Darrel Aleson - Quickies at Oshkosh
Darrel Aleson
Eric Schilling - Quickies at Oshkosh
Eric Shilling
Scott Swing - Quickies at Oshkosh
Scott Swing
Marvin Getten - Quickies at Oshkosh
Marvin Getten
Doug Swanningson - Quickies at Oshkosh
Doug Swanningson
Jerry Caubern - Quickies at Oshkosh
Jerry Cauthern
Mystery Quickies at Oshkosh
Who's Quickie is this? We need your name and address so we can send you a gift for attending Oshkosh.
Pete Nuding - Quickies at Oshkosh
Pete Nuding
     Oshkosh is still going strong. The 1984 version of this annual event was even larger than the record crowds of last year and to everyone’s delight the weather was perfect.
     We had a total of 12 planes in attendance, their names and pictures appear on this page.The seminars were enthusiastic and crowded. And the Builder’s Banquet was the largest ever with a crowd in excess of one hundred. Good food and a good time was had by all. The LBF race was successful, a report appeal’s in this issue.
     Everyone who flew their Quickie, Q2, Q2 Turbo or Q-200 to Oshkosh will receive a scale model of his aircraft painted to match, including pin stripes and “N” numbers.
     Start making your plans for next year!
Quickie Aircraft Wood Models
     We are now taking custom orders for Quickie, Q2, and Q-200 airplane models, Price is $49.95 including stand, plus shipping, When ordering please specify design, and if colored pin striping is desired please specify color.
     We are now offering in stock specials on the following for only $43.00. This will be on a first come first served basis.
 White Q-200
 White Q2s
 White Q2 with Quickie logo on side
 Q-200 - Duplicate of our Q-200
 Q2 - Duplicate of Scott Swing's airplane.
      When ordering please address all orders to the attention of Debbie. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.