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      We have the following phone numbers for the public:
(805) 824-4313 and (805) 824-4626. There is also a private unlisted Builder Hotline number given out only to builders. This number is for Technical Building Assistance only. The Builder Hotline hours are: Tuesday through Friday, 1 p.m.-4:30 p.m. (PST); Saturday 1 p. m.—4:00 p.m. (PST). Since the demand on this line is large, we ask our builders to have specific questions ready before calling, and not to use the line for shipping information, backorders, or option orders. In this manner, we can maximize our builder support.
      The Quickie Aircraft Corporation facility at Hangar 68, Mojave Airport, Mojave, CA is open Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 a. m.-5:00 p.m. Please note that we are closed Sunday and Monday.
     To improve customer service, please ask for the following personnel if you have questions in these areas:
     Shipping schedule:
     Package 1, 2, and 3...........Ron Lundgren
     Backorders.........................Ron Lundgren*
     Literature........................Debbie Schubert
*Ron requests that builders with backorder problems and or questions call him between 1:00-4:30 p.m. PST on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. This will permit him to spend the mornings on shipping, thereby providing faster service, Ron also requests that all backorder and materials requests be sent to him in writing so that he will have a permanent record in each builder file. In this way, phone calls should only be necessary for followup and or emergencies.
     We ask that all builders please reference their serial numbers on all communications. This will make our job much easier. Also, when writing to QAC, always send a stamped, self-addressed envelope along if a reply is necessary.
     Builders of both the Quickie and Q2 have the opportunity to receive rides in N81QA, our Q2, within the thirty day period prior to the builder’s first flight in his own aircraft. These rides are by prior arrangement only; in addition, at the same time, suggestions and recommendations will be given to the builder on conducting his early flights to promote safer flying. Over 75 rides have been givn to date.
      Each Saturday, weather permitting and N8IQA in town, we give a flight demonstration of the Q2. We usually get a large turnout on these occasions, and have been selecting an attendee’s name from the hat at random for a Q2 ride.
      We are doing quite a bit of flight tests on N81QA for new options and of course cannot take passengers during this period. We expect to be completed within 30 days and hope, at that time, to be back to normal operations. At least 7 of our dealers are now flying Q2s so contact your local dealer.

     It is important for builders to inventory the contents of all shipments within 30 days— from receipt— and to report all backorders and discrepancies to QAC in writing immediately.
     As of April 1,1982, Q2 Package I was broken down into two smaller packages, called Package 1A and Package lB. The price breakdown will be as follows:

$3895.00 Package 1A
3055.00 Package 1B
1850.00 Package 2
3395.00 Package 3
     A builder electing to purchase Package 1A and Package lB and Package 2 together will save $300.00 at the $8500.00 combined price. The price for a complete kit purchased in the most economical manner is $l1,895.00 complete.
     Package 1A includes materials to construct the basic fuselage, bulkheads, consoles, etc., and to mount, and hinge the canopy. Package 1B includes the remaining materials to fabricate essentially the remainder of the airframe. Package 2 is an engine installation, instrument, and miscellaneous materials package. Package 3 is the Revmaster 2100-DQ engine.
     All packing of Package 1A will be done at QAC; we presently have Package lA in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

Backlogs the other packages, except the engine, is 30 days. Orders on the Revmaster 2100-DQ engine will be filled in 60-90 days.
     Many dealers have complete Q2 Kits in stock, please call your local dealer for availability.
Available options for the Revmaster 2100-DQ engine include:
$280.00 Geared Electric Starter.
78.00 Oil Filter System.
32.00 Oil Sump Drain Assembly.
325.00 Vacuum Pump System.
Further options available include:
$125.00 Forward Hinge Canopy.
225.00 Cabin ventilation/Heat package
80.00 Parking Brake option for the hydraulic disc brakes.
$350.00 Custom Upholstery Set in Blue.
175.00 Prefabricated Fuel Tank.
230.00 Prefabricated Wheel Pants.
81.00 500 x 5 tires exchange
($95.00 outright).
150.00 Retrofit Aileron Reflexer.
235.00 Pre-fabricated Bulkheads.
600.00 Carbon Fiber Spar Kit.
(Standard on all new kits.)
135.00 Pitch control parts for old canard
      Q2 builders should verify that they have the correct plans and updates. With either Package 1 or Package 1A, the builder should have Chapters 1-14, a Table of Contents, Appendix Sheets 1-5, Q2 Pilots Manual, Quickie Newsletters from 10 forward, and plans addendum
sheets ii thru vii. The plans for installation of the hydraulic disc brakes are on addendum sheets viii thru xii. With Package 2, the builder should have Chapters 15-20 and Appendix Sheet 6. Each non-engine option has an installation sheet that comes with it. Please drop Debbie, at QAC, a note if you don’t have everything. QAC strongly recommends that all plans changes and builder tips be inserted into the builder’s plans immediately upon receipt, so as to avoid errors. Builder tips are numbered as QBT and the Plans Change Notices are numbered as A — QPC , with the highest number being the most recent tip or change notice.

     The Q-200 Kit is now available. Package 1A contains the material to construct the fuselage, pre-mounted canopy and raw materials. Package lB consists of wheels, tires, brakes, welded components. machined parts and other prefabricated parts to fabricate essentially the remainder of the airframe. Package 2 is the Continental 0-200 engine installation package. The prices are as follows:
 Package lB
 Package 2
      A builder electing to purchase the complete Q-200 kit all at one time will save $400.00 with a $9450.00 combined price.

      This packagec includes the components required to convert from a Q2 Package 2 to a Q-200 Package 2. It consists of:
Continental mounting hardware, spinner kit, carh heat transfer valve, 5” propellor extension, prop washer, cowling, oil separator (a must), stainless steel carb heat muff, patented AR exhaust system, fiberglass inlet air and carburetor adapter pieces, elevator and aileron counterbalance arms, engine mounts, fuel pump, sheet metal baffling kit, liquid firewall, and appropriate hardware.
      QAC is continuing our credit policy for returned Q2 components. See NL #20 or contact QAC for details.

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