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Q-200 with Forward opening canopy.
QAC Horizonltal Rule

QAC Horizonltal Rule

(1) One builder has had a problem obtaining sufficient elevator travel with the new canard (LS-1 Mod) and redundant control linkage. One area to look at is parallelism between stick and CSA-8’s, suggest no more than 20 forward of vertical axis for CSA-8 installation.
(2) We think we have solved the dual master cylinder problem although haven’t tried it yet... we don’t have dual rudder or brake option on prototype since we don’t intend to use it for checkouts. Those who have purchased a dual brake option should send (one) master cylinder back to QAC (Attn: Ron) for an exchange unit. (We will proof it on a test stand first, of course).
(3) Q2 builders, some have had problems with bottom accessory clearance/ mag cut-out. By maintaining about 1-2” clearance between top of cut-out bottom of top mounts, proper clearance should be obtainable.
(4) Q-200 — check clamp tightness of intake tubes at regular intervals; we have had some problems on Q-200.
(5) We are still receiving calls about confusion of canard sweep (LS-1 mod). You need to measure the difference between B.L. 15 and B.L. 100 (leading edge of foam cores) for a 10.5” sweep aft. Disregard any other numbers for jigging purposes.
(6) Brass inserts allow wider variation of torque on fittings without chance of compression failure. Trial fit before final assembly.
Quickie News
     Revmaster has received only 8 inquiries from Quickie builders who are interested in this engine. They have decided to proceed but on a lower priority basis. What this means is that they will put it on the back burner until this fall.
     Unfortunately, there are very few aircraft which use engines of this size. Please contact Revmaster if you are interested.
          Revmaster Aviation
          Attn: Dick Joh
          P0. Box 2084
          Hesperia CA 93245 92345
          (619) 244-3074

     Lanny Rundell, Grass Roots Aviation, P.O. Box 21,5, Delhi, LA is supposed to fly the new Quickie canard airfoil at any time now. We will print an update sheet with full details as soon as we have the results of the testing.
     Assuming testing is successful, production of the carbon fiber spars will not be delayed as the same tooling that was developed for the Q-200 canard was designed to be compatible with the Quickie version.

QAC Horizonltal Rule

QAC Horizonltal Rule

     Problem: Coil wire on Quickie vibrated off (push on connector between coil and points).
     Solution: Install ring connector on wire at coil post, use nut and pal nut or self locking nut.
      QAC knows of at least 150 Quickies that have made first flights.
      Please keep builder tips, pictures. component weight information coming in.
      Current delivery on a Quickie Kit is 3 weeks. Most components, including engines, are in stock,
     Many dealers have Quickie Kits in stock so call your local dealer for availability
     Current prices are $3,295.00 for Package 1 and $1,700.00 for Package 2. Note that the complete kit now consists of two packages instead of the original three.

     Available options are as follows:

 Large Tire Option.
 22.5 h.p. Option including Kevlar engine mount.
 Kevlar engine mount separate.
 Custom Upholstery set.
 Prefabricated fuel tank. (Standard with Package 1)
 Communications or Navigation Antenna kit.
 44” diameter propeller. (Discounted price for currently flying builders).
     The 44” diameter propeller is to be used with the large tire option and 22 h.p. engine option. This propeller provides greater rate-of-climb (about 20%) with a loss in top speed of about 4 mph. It would be particularly useful for short fields at higher density altitudes.
     For those builders who would like a true climb propeller for the first few flights, rather than the cruise propeller provided with the kits, we have created a 42” diameter, 27” pitch climb propeller and will make it available as follows: with a deposit by the builder of $150.00, we will send the special prop to the builder for his initial flights. When he returns the prop to us in good shape, prepaid freight, we will return his complete deposit.
Quickies at Sun & FunQ-200 at Sun & Fun
Several views of this year's Sun & Fun Fly-in.
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