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      The 32nd Annual EAA Convention will be held July 28,1984 thru August 4 this year. Last year almost 800,000 people attended and the show gets larger every year.
      All sport aviation enthusiasts should attend. A large number of Forums are held on subjects ranging from new and old aircraft to the latest NASA work. Quickie Aircraft will hold two Forums this year:
Sunday, July 29, 1984:8:45-10:00 a.m.
Wednesday, August 1, 1984: 11:45-1:00 pm.
Both in Forum Tent #4
      Quickie Aircraft’s Booth this year will be in the North Exhibit Building, Spaces K9 and Kb. Quickie Aircraft’s Builder Banquet will beheld on Monday, July 30 at:

The Wine Maker, which is on the Airport
Cocktails at 6:30 p.m.
Dinner at 7:30 p.m.
$9.50 per person
      If you wish to attend, contact QAC for reservations.
      QAC will he awarding prizes in various categories as usual, but this year everyone who brings their aircraft to Oshkosh will receive an award from QAC.
      Anyone needing help finding a place to stay at Oshkosh should call the EAA Housing Hotline weekdays at
(414) 235-3007.

QAC Horizonltal Rule
Q2/Q-200 NEWS
QAC Horizonltal Rule

      QAC must temporarily suspend our return program on unused Q2 parts applied towards Q-200 and Q2 Turbo packages. This is due to the large inventory that we have taken in trade. We will resume the program as soon as some of this inventory is sold to new customers. In the meantime anyone interested in participating in this program should write us and we will start a waiting list, first come, first served.
Q200 New Cowling Inlet
      We have been testing a new type of inlet for the Revmaster at QAC. We initially tried this “smile” inlet on theTurbo with excellent results. On the standard Revmaster experience has shown that if the engine is not lean, then the oil temp will run much closer to the limits than the cylinder heads. In using the smile inlet the cool air is much closer to the oil cooler and allows less inlet area which results in less drag and more speed. A one or two page plans addition will be developed and released shortly.
Max Stupur getting a race fill-up of AVGAS
Max Stupur getting a race fill-up of AVGAS - no wonder he's smiling.
Q200 Belly Board
      We have been testing a “Belly Board” drag, increasing device installed on Scott Cheney’s Q2 s/n 2062 here at QAC. While the Q2 can be landed in relatively short distances, you must come in very slowly and make very precise judgements on approach and flare. Most people tend to come in too fast and flare too high which tends to lengthen runway requirements.
      The belly board increases the aircraft’s drag substantially (75-100%) when deployed. What this means is that the pilot can now make his approaches 5-7 mph faster for good over the nose visibility and still touch down and stop in shorter distances. Also, if a brake failure occurred, the additional drag of the board might mean the difference between an incident and an accident. As installed on Scott Cheney’s airplane some changes in the deployment mechanism need to be made before this option can be released. Also, we have only tested this device on the new LS (1) 0417 mod canard where it does not appear to affect the stall characteristics. This may not be true for the GU canard.
      By the way, those of you who will be using the constant speed prop on the Revmaster will have some of the same effect when the prop is in low pitch as it should be on final.

Q2/Q-200 Pictorial Plans Addendum
Q2/Q200 Pictorial Plans Addendum


      QAC has published a Pictorial Plans Addendum. This is an 8 page supplement consisting of 48 large photographs with captions. Any builder may obtain a copy by writing to QAC and requesting one. Please include your serial number. We are indebted to Jim Maris, s/n 2327, for the use of his extensive photo collection.
Quickie Wedding Cake
Richard and Elizabeth Kautz, married April 28, 1984.
Take a close look at their wedding cake.

Homebuilt Aircraft - June 1984

QAC Horizonltal Rule
QAC Horizonltal Rule

      The Turbo Q2 is featured in a cover article in June ‘84 “Homebuilt Aircraft” magazine, not the July issue as we had earlier been told. Please note the performance curves and specs in this newsletter. They are based on extensive flight testing by Eric Schilling of Revmaster.

The final parts for this option should be available in 30-45 days. Prices for the Turbo are as follows:
  Revmaster Engine
Base Price
  Turbo Option
(includes oil filter
and geared starter)
  Maloof 2-Position
  Maloof Constant Speed Prop.
Note (1)
  The 2 position or constant speed prop is mandatory.
  We recommend the constant speed over the 2 position for the Turbo.
  There is a 4 month backlog on the prop at this time, so plan ahead.
  The new canard is mandatory.
  The cowling for the Turbo or the prop will cost $275.00.