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Published quarterly (Jan, Apr, Jly, Oct) by

Quickie Aircraft Corporation
Post Office Box 786
Mojave, CA 93501
(805) 824.4313

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Quickie Aircraft Corporation is located on the east end of the flight line at the Mojave Airport, Mojave, California, which is located approximately 80 miles north of Los Angeles. You are welcome to come by to see the Quickie and Q2 prototype, to ask questions, and to bring in parts of your Quickie for inspection. The building number is 68.
.....We are normally open from 9 to 5 on Tuesday thru Saturday, but you should call first if you are coming from far away, since we occasionally must close the office to attend a flyin, conduct business, etc.
.....Weather permitting, each Saturday at 10:00 we will give a flight demonstration with the Quickie.
.....When writing to QAC, always send a stamped self-addressed envelope along if a reply is necessary.

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Builders, please send us pictures and stories so we can use them in the Newsletter. Black & White photographs work best but we’ll take Polaroids or color prints. Send them to Quickie Aircraft — ATTN: Debbie Shubert.

We now have available a Q2/Q-200 pin and tie tack (gold or silver) for $5.00.
Quickie Aircraft of Europe
Quickie Aircraft of Europe is flying. Thanks for the photograph Roy Garner
Charlie Belshe of Providence Rhode Island
Charlie Belshe of Providence Rhode Island.
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