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Q-Talk 167 - Airventure Cup Race Results 2014

Reg Collects His Award!


[EDITOR’S NOTE: Sam Hoskins was conspicuously missing this year at the AirVenture Cup race (much to the relief of his fellow competitors). However, this doesn’t mean that Quickies were not represented in the field. Reg Clarke turned in a blistering average speed of 218.98 MPH (I think we can safely call that 219 MPH) with his 150 HP Highly Customized Subaru Powered Q2 and won the Sprint-T class. Did we mention that Reg’s plane is FOR SALE? I think he might have just improved the resale value! Congrats Reg!]


2014 Experimental Winners


T. Paul & Pam Tackabury
Lancair IV, 346.24 MPH​​


5. Lee Behel

Lancair Legacy, 324.69 MPH​

Sport SX

30. Harry Hinckley

SX-300, 328.33 MPH

Sport FX

9. Tony Crawford

Venture FX, 274.99 MPH​

Formula RG Blue

38. Mark Quinn
Lancair 360, 254.12 MPH

Formula RG Red

24. Bob James & John  Corcoran
Lancair 320, 238.04 MPH

Formula FX Blue

91. Bruce Hammer

Glasair 1 TD, 274.05 MPH


Formula FX Red

48. Jeff Mallia

Cozy MKIV, 233.30 MPH​​

Formula RV Blue

16. Charles Greer

RV-6, 228.51 MPH​


83. David Adams

Long EZ, 207.84 MPH


2. Reg Clarke

Quickie Q2, 218.98 MPH​


15. Creighton King

Cassut, 186.67 MPH


99. Norm Hendersen & Mike Dzurko

RV12, 126.69 MPH


To see more Beautiful Photos of the racers check out Geoff Sobering's site here.



Reg casually chatting before the race!


Reg crossing the finish line


Xpresso tied down


Xpresso in chocks


Beautiful Xpresso