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Q-Talk 161 - Sep/Oct 2013 - index

Q-talk Newsletter
Sep/Oct 2013
Issue 161

Hey Member,
I stopped for bite to eat outside of Baltimore, and sitting on the counter of the restaurant were these great flyers for a local “Haunted Hayride.” What a perfect way to introduce both themes of this newsletter, namely: Halloween and the Awesome Field of Dreams Fly-in hosted by Dave Dugas at the end of August!


Field of Screams!


Even with the less than stellar weather, everyone who showed up had a great time. We were so sorry to learn of Sam and Sandy’s run-in with a swimming hole somebody placed at the end of the runway. Field of Dreams may have turned into the above for Sammy. . . but we were so grateful that they walked away unhurt. And I know that Sam has the gumption to get Race 22 put back together and flying better (and faster) than before!


In other news. . . QBA has a new home! That means Kerry and I sold our house and moved! So if you need to reach us by mail, the old address isn’t going to cut it anymore. Use this one instead:


The Quickie Builders Association
C/O The Editor – Dan Yager
444 N 4th Street – Unit 610
Philadelphia, PA 19123


I look forward to hearing from all of you, and I’m eager to hear what you’ve all been up to! So drop me a line any way you can get it to me!


Happy Halloween everyone! Remember, "Together we build better planes," newsletters, and magazine articles!


Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

The following contributors have had their QBA membership extended for FREE:

        • D. Michael Bergen
        • Sam Hoskins
        • Sam Kittle
        • Sanjay Dhall
        • Paul Poulsen

Field of Dreams Report


Your faithful editor takes you on a journey to the Field of Dreams Fly-in (and Lobster Bake) in Orange, MA!


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Most of us had fun at FOD! The Lobsters Didn't!

Oh no!

Sam and Sandy's Puddle Mishap


Sam and Sandy had a little incident on the way to the forum. We're so glad they came away unhurt. Wish we could say the same for Race 22!


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Mike's Easy Bake Oven


D. Michael Bergen gave a great talk at FOD (a repeat of his Airventure presentation) I loved his idea for creating a large Post Curing Oven. . .


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Easy Bake Oven!

Updates From Far and Wide

Project Updates


Since the last newsletter I've received several e-mails from current Q builders! Here are three of my favorites!


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Just the FAQ's


I am working on a major update to the FAQ page. (Still under construction.) Have a burning question? Got a better answer? Please let me know so I can post it!


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Just the FAQ's!

Ranco ETC-111000-000 Electronic Temperature Controller

Mike's Temperature Controller


You can buy the Temperature controller Mike used in his oven on eBay for CHEAP!


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The Quickie Builders Association