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Q-talk 159 - May/Jun 2013 - index

Q-talk Newsletter
May/Jun 2013
Issue 159

Hey Member,
When Paul Buckley from Cheshire England sent me a photo documentary of his Waddelow Main Wing and Sparless Canard build, it reminded me that Marc Waddelow created those designs almost 30 years ago! (Oh how time flies!)


This installment of the newsletter is a review of the man's work. Not only do we have photos of Paul's meticulous build, we also have a look back at the genesis of the design, and information about what Marc was trying to accomplish (and/or prevent.)


Paul Buckley's Waddelow Idea


This also reminds me that the support and contributions of the community are what makes The Quickie Builders Asociation great! Unfortunately, submissions have started to trickle. So I hope you'll take this as a reminder to let me know what you've been up to.


The upcoming fly-ins should give us plenty to talk about. I plan to be at Dave Dugas' Field of Dreams in August, and I hope to see you all there. Also, remember to check out the September issue of KITPLANES magazine! Editor Paul Dye gets to take a spin in Bruce Crain's beautiful (Waddelow) Tri-Q200, and we learn about Jon Swenson's eBay find roaring back to life. This is how celebrities are formed! (In certain circles!)


Remember, "Together we build better planes," newsletters, and magazine articles!


Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

The following contributors have had their QBA membership extended for FREE:

        • Paul Buckley
        • Reg Clarke
        • Leon McAtee

Waddelow Construction


Paul Buckley shows us how he constructed his Waddelow Sparless Canard and Main Wing. . . as well as a few other interesting details!


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Buckley Building!

Waddelow Instructions

Waddelow Instructions


Created by Marc Waddelow in the summer of 1986. Typed into Microsoft Word by Leon McAtee in 2001. . . and now available on the world wide web. Including some cleaned up PDF documents, and some ideas for improvement by Paul Buckley.


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Memory Lane


Originally published in QuickTalk 28 in 1986, these letters between Marc Waddelow and Gene Sheehan give us insight into why Marc felt compelled to redesign primary structures on our beloved Tri-Q's.


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Dear Gene Letters




Reg Clarke is selling his highly modified Q2! This is part 3 of a 4 part photo documentary of his mods. This time we take a look at his canopy latch and locking system.


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There is no photo or article available in this space because chances are pretty good that you never sent any!


I need your help and contributions to keep this going. Submitting an article or photos is as simple as responding to this e-mail. (So, feel free to do that now.)

This Page Unintentionally Blank!


Original Q2 Plans and Templates


These are New Old Stock (NOS) rescued from destruction by a thoughful hanger owner. There are only a few left. First come first served.


$125 for a complete set


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Original Paper Q2 Plans and Templates



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