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Q-talk 46 - ODDS and ENDS

COVER PHOTO: Paul Fisher slides into formation with Terry Crouch and shutterbug Masal in a Cessna 152. In the background are the Kansas corn and milo fields surrounding Ottawa Municipal Airport, site of our 1994 Labor Day Fly-In.

I'll bet you expected a long story on the proceedings at Ottawa. Solly, Cholly. Story is in the works for next issue since I had to catch up with Oshkosh, but I have it in the works. Some teaser photos are included to whet your appetite. Also to tease you: The Canadian Q-2 with the Lyc. O-235 and the inboard gear legs showed up and we have stills and video (see next sentence). Better than that (if you are in a hurry) is the 7-hour video of the event offered in this issue. Don Stewart, a Dragonfly loyalist and himself in the video biz, did a very professional job of this tape. It includes some nice in flight segments, pilot interviews, nearly every word of the forums, (Q's, D-flys, VW based engines) and the best parts of the Awards Banquet. I've seen it and it's the next best thing to being there. And you can't beat the price at $20.

Jon Finley of Helena, Montana has successfully stuffed a full sized VW engine in his Quickie single. He has made the first flight without incident and will report further details as testing continues.

Terry Crouch of Davenport, IA, after over a hundred years of building a pristine piece, has called to report his successful first flight. After a lengthy conversation, I concluded it flies just like a Quickie is supposed to ... no major quirks.

I was up in Lincoln, Nebraska for a football game in Sept. and I met Bill Mueller and his wife at the hangar storing his wrecked Q-2. It was award level workmanship. It's been hammered all right, but there's a lot that would give somebody a good head start on a project. The front end with the canard is in a shape worth keeping. Bill finished it in 7/93 after a 12 years effort. N524WM weighed in at 617 lbs. and cruised around 155 mph with its HAPI 82 horse engine.

Buzz Flye is still working on a project to convert all Q/Q2/200 plans to Mylar for posterity as announced in #45. Bill Dillon and Tom Solan have helped for the Quickie but he still needs some Q-200 plans/drawings. Contact him at: 2978 Nantucket Ave., Charleston, SC 29420. Phone (803) 764-8065. If he continues to fall short maybe he will list what he's missing in the next newsletter.

Be on the lookout for my attempt to get a survey of all flying or flown Q-types. It will be like last time in the form of a postcard attached to Q-TALK with a short series of fill in the blanks. Humor me. Fill it out and sacrifice a 29-cent stamp for me. Thanks.

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