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Q-talk 39 - May/Jun 1993 - index

MAY/JUN 1993



by Jim Masal


Wassahappeninhere? I expected life to gradually slow down, as I got closer to AARP eligibility. Instead it's too much to do and too little time.

Current conundrums: There is just a chance that a work related conflict would keep me out of Oshkosh this summer. What to do? I haven't scheduled a forum tent meeting as of this date. If anyone is brave enough to pick up this ball and do the scheduling and conduct the forum in my potential absence, step forward.

Our annual wine 'n cheese social has not been set up either, however, I talked with Spud Spornitz, our Dragonfly counterpart, and he suggested we have a joint venture like we did at our fly-in last fall (and will do again this coming Labor Day). He's set a date, time and location, which you will find displayed in this issue. A joint venture won't depend on my presence, although how could it have much pizzazz without me, eh? This get-together will be a banquet at the renowned Butch's Anchor Inn. QAC used to have banquets there in the old days. The surroundings are comfortable and the food is quite good. I've been there several times and I always liked the place.

So far as I know, we DO still have 2 back porch sessions scheduled out on the flightline and I expect you guys to assemble and do some hangar flying just like you would at your homedrome, OK? We've had a pretty long string of traditional Oshkosh festivities, but this year we'll just have to be a little flexible, jump out of the mold and get our annual shot of inspiration in a little bit different way. We can do it.

And don't forget, if Oshkosh isn't enough of a "fix" for you, we expect to overdose you this Labor Day in Ottawa, KS at our 1993 edition of the Dragonfly/Q mass quantity fly-in. You should be making your plans now to be a part of our flying circus over some of the most hospitable environs that the Midwest has to offer. It will be a big one but I won't be making any "size" bets that will cause me to be kissing any wide-crack hineys this year!


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