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Q-talk 36 - Nov/Dec 1992 - index

NOV/DEC 1992



by Jim Masal


Tis the season to be jolly again already and I haven't finished all the things I had on my plate for '92! Geeeeeeze. The hangar ain't up, the Rotax ain't installed and even the Christmas shopping ain't done yet. 'Bout the only good thing I can say is that 6 issues of Q-TALK got done in a more or less timely fashion. And that happened with a lot of help ... from Tom Moore, Jon Finley and all you wonderful guys who took the time to stuff an envelope with your thoughts and send it to Texas. Thank you all.




'Tis the season now to also buy yourself a Christmas present to last the whole year. Every man Jack of you must now decide if you want Q-TALK for another year, and here are the rates:

USA........$20 For '93

CANADA.....$21 For '93

OVERSEAS...$26 For '93


Thus far I have 27 guys who have renewed for '93. PITIFUL. We gotta do better than that or this will be the last year for this rag. I won't be pushing you or shoving or pleading, but I hope you will get off your duffs and make my January miserable by getting all your renewal letters in NOW so I don't have to be chasing late issues, banking trips, computer entries, etc. for the first 4-5 months of the year. I just hate it.



When my wife was attending business school, she heard a story about the Hershey Chocolate Company in Pennsylvania. It seems somebody in Marketing decided to save some money by cutting down the advertising budget. After all, he reasoned, Hershey had the lion's share of the market and was recognized worldwide. About 10 years later, sales started slumping. It was figured out that an entirely new generation was growing up without an exposure to the Hershey name through advertising.

What's all this got to do with Quickies? We have a generation gap going on. We have a bunch of new kids coming into the Quickie experience who have a serious lack of exposure to essential facts that we older heads have grown up and lived with. For example, some don't know the difference between the Q-2 and Q-200 or that there were 2 different canards. Some have no idea what ground angle of attack means or what changes at the back end of the plane could mean.

So ..... any of you new kids who think you are saving your bucks by not having the complete set of our back issues are sadly mistaken. Give yourself a Christmas present. Time is money and you are wasting it by tediously discovering what has already been discovered several years ago. I am prompted to say this because I am starting to get tips from builders, which were fresh ideas long ago. Now either these guys don't have the back issues or they are unable, as I am sometimes, to remember all the handy tidbits in the enormous mound of information available. I'm not one for sales pitches, but it's high time for me to say that all back issues are still available so TREAT YOURSELF.


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