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Q-talk 31 - Jan/Feb 1992 - index

JAN/FEB 1992



by Jim Masal


Yeah,yeah, I know that my last editorial caused more than a few sinking spells and hearts to skip a beat until you got to the update, but that's exactly the way things were about to go down. I had talked my problems over with a handful of my closest QBA compadres, and while they were understanding, they didn't like it one little bit. What could they do? At practically the last possible instant, just before I went to the printer, Tom Moore called to discuss a plan.

Here's how it will work. Starting with this issue, I will pass material on from you to Tom. He'll keep a database on names and addresses for '92 members, type and get the contents ready for the printer and answer some correspondence. He will get me a rough draft to proof before going to the printer. I will have responsibility for setting up the front page and the editorial. (Tom doesn't want a "sanitized" Q-TALK, I guess.) Tom happens to live about 30 miles north of me in a town called McKinney, so this proximity is going to help. Being the receiver of your checks, I will get the printing done and lick the stamps. You can still kick my hiney for anything you don't get.

Up in Montana is Jon Finley and down in Austin, TX is Harry Buskey. Jon has access to a page scanner, which takes typed letters, which are not done in my required 4 and 3/4 inch wide format, reads the typestyle and places it as data on a computer disk. I can put it into my computer and with very little effort change the width, correct spelling, delete or add anything then print it out in just the way I need it. This is slicker 'n snot on a brass doorknob and saves a big basket of retyping time. Now Buskey has volunteered to take some of your handwritten letters and tediously retype them in the format I need. I thank these 3 guys for their efforts which, as you see in your hands, are successfully employed.

This business of turning parts of Q-TALK over to another guy has been a cleansing experience ... and not always a pleasant one either. In the process of turning over material enough to make this issue, I had to dredge up and sift through some file folders that have gathered more than an appropriate amount of dust. No wonder my wife has been looking at me askance (look it up). Some of the skeletons I found in carefully arranged (but deviously misplaced) files include several letters asking questions, which didn't get answered. Another guy paid in Nov. but hadn't gotten anything by January. Now this is a fine state of affairs, and it shows me that I'm losing my keen edge. It was high time for a recharging of my batteries!

Tom's goal in his work is not to significantly change the format and style of Q-TALK. Read on and I think you will find he has done that. All we need now is a continuing stream of contacts from you.



The QBA patch is still available at $2.50 each.

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