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A current member may have one free Ad per issue. It may be a maximum of 5 lines of my type and will be edited to fit space available. If you want to take up more space, call me for rates. Free advertising is a courtesy and this is not Trade-a-Plane. Items advertised must be for or owned by the member. The Ad contact must be a member name. Company names mean a commercial Ad at QBA current rates. Write for info. Members may not repeat an Ad unless they send me a request for each issue. Record keeping or special requests will not be provided for free. Insertion of a free Ad for a specified issue is not guaranteed. (Your money back if it doesn't get in.) Non-members may place an Ad at current QBA rates.

RADIO CONTROLLED MODEL AIRPLANE KITS -- QUICKIE 1/4 SCALE @ $99 and LONG E-Z 1/5 SCALE @ $139. Cressline Model Products, N2147 Pine Beach Rd. N, Oostburg, WI 53070. Ph. (414) 564-3619.

FOR SALE: Flying Q2, 164TT since 1983, 145 mph cruise, Rev. 2100D, reflexor, custom interior, basic VFR. N916DA is proven in the air and on the ground! Any reasonable offer. Darrel Aleson, 307 N. 10th St., Bismarck, ND 58501 or (701) 258-9539.

FOR SALE: 2 tires and 2 tubes, 4.00x5 CHENG SHIN, KNOBBY. $20 total. Jack Dempsey, 101 Old Rayne Branch Hwy., Rayne, LA 70578.

WANTED: Q-200 Conversion Kit. Call Allen Bates, 24912 Camberwell, Laguna Hills, CA 92653.

FOR SALE: QAC front canopy hinge kit $75, Cont. pull starter $250, Q200 cowling $100, blue QAC interior kit $75, 6-channel RST Com radio and wiring $75, Complete MK-12 NavCom & indicator. We'll talk. John Groff (609) 654-9187. NJ.

WANTED: Carcass or remains of a Quickie or Q-2 to be used as a static display. Will NOT be any attempt made to make it flyable. Call Mike Conlin, Houston. (409) 321-3486.

WANTED: Recently purchased Quickie with UV damage. NEED Quickie or would consider Q-2 nearly completed, damaged or whole aircraft with or without engine. Call Bill at (702) 566-0842. NV.

FOR SALE: Flying Quickie, N80LB. 102.7 hrs TT since May '82. Will part out or possibly whole. Also Terra radio and customer trailer for this aircraft. Jenette Bain, 3816 E. Camellia Dr., Mobile, AL 36693 or call (205) 666-7670.

FOR SALE: 42x28 Great American prop $60. 46x40 TPI prop $75. Precision 50" ground adjustable $175 nice. Onan cowling $40?? Make offer. Jon Finley (406) 449-8872.

POSITION WANTED: A&P, BS Mech. Engineering Technology, Q200 BUILDER pilot looking for job in design, testing, prototype development. Will relocate. Sam Hoskins (618) 549-3302. 400 C Beadle Dr., Carbondale, IL 62901.

FOR SALE: Quality built GU canard complete with wheel pants & 4 antennas $800 ODO. WANTED: LS carbon spar or complete canard, also any TRI-Q conversion. Mark Schrick, 1397 Boysea Dr., San Jose, CA 95118 or call (408) 266-1599.

FOR SALE: Q-200 kit. Contact Joe Frigo, 10250 Colonial Ct. S., Jacksonville, FL 32225 or call (904) 646-3633.

WANTED: Q-2 kit just started or being parted out. US or Canada. Reg Clark, 4813-57av, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada T9A-1B6

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