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The following set of daffy definitions was gleefully discovered in Dragonfiles, an independent newsletter for Dragonfly builders:

AERODYNIMBICILES - What you call two guys who are cutting foam, one on the top of his template, the other on the bottom of his (see also AGGRAVATED ASSAULT).

EPOXOSPLOIT - The act of splattering your best shoes, shirt and pants with liquid epoxy.

THERMODYSLAMIC - The automatic reaction of the human nervous system to violently release its grip on a cupful of epoxy undergoing an exothermic reaction.

FABRIMANIA - The mind's state when it suddenly discovers that the Dacron Peel-Ply...won't

EPILEPNIC - Anyone who cannot cut along a straight line.

EPILEPNIPHOBIA - The fear that no other human can be trusted to cut along a straight line.

EPILEXIA - The inability to cut along a straight line because you left your glasses at the office.

PENESTRUCTION - The act of accidentally penetrating all layers of a composite structure with a cutting or abrading tool.

CARPISTERIA - The state of your spouse's mind when she's discovered that you've tracked epoxy into the house and onto the carpet.

SPATULATE - Discovering that you forgot to clean the epoxy off of your spatula.

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