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FOR SALE: Onan engine still in the box with the prop and all the extras. Lawrence Brunet. (318) 237-6325.

FOR SALE: Zolatone dark charcoal cockpit paint. Too much for one quickie. Used only a quart out of this gallon. Will sell what remains for $15 postpaid. Robert Bounds, (308) 352-4174.

WANTED: I am in hot pursuit to purchase a completed or ready to fly Q-2, preferably with the LS-1 canard and 75 hp heads, but the GU and 64 hp or even a Q-200 for a good price would be of interest. I have the cash, who has the plane? Dan Bradley, 214 Reyer, Rose Hill, KS 67133 or call (316) 776-0544.

WANTED: Crush plate for Onan. Photocopy of the rigging template for ailerons. Both got lost in the shuffle. Gunnar Rambo, Rt. 1, Box 208-B, Winnsboro, SC 29180 or call (803) 635-3655.

FOR SALE: Tri-Q2 project 40-50% finished. Lost medical. 64 hp Revmaster. Dale Johnson, (419) 472-6033, Ohio.

WANTED TO BUY: Onan flywheel that has NOT been modified. Call or write with price. Mike Conlin, 50 Gleneagle, Conroe, TX 77385, (409) 273-3486.

Q-2 FOR SALE OR DONATION: Price for parts only $5,000. Complete Q-2, 26 hrs TT, Rev 2100DQ, with vac. pump and oil cooler, DG. Flt. Ind, elect T&B, strobes. Micrologic Loran C, Escort II. Plane's doing fine, but I'm not. Ted Eiben, HC89 Box 72, Downsville, NY 13755, (607) 363-2298.

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