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Q-talk 15 - ODDS and ENDS

I just read a great joke in a small newspaper called Midwest Aviation. Headline: "EAA president, founder resigns". (Yuk, yuk, yuk, cut it out!). "He has been appointed by the Board of Directors as its Chairman." (...get outta town, you're killin' me!). Leading candidate for President is Paul's son Tom (boy, did I get hit from the blindside on that one!). Paul sez the punch line: "hopefully (Tom) will be chosen to serve as President." (Oh, stop it...stop it, my belly's aching. You guys are toooooooo much!). I love Paul and the EAA but does he think I just fell off the back of a turnip truck, or what? Is yew thank innyone else be onna ballot, Clem??

You guys oughta write ol' Steve Bennett of Great Plans Aircraft Supply Co., P. O. Box 148, Palatine, IL 60078. He has a great catalog of VW engine stuff including several inexpensive and interesting kits such as for strobes starting at $28.95, a moisture detector, intake temp kit, alternator monitor kit. Most are $30-$35.

QBA BALL CAPS NOW AVAILABLE: I have designed a cap with a new emblem. The cap is 200 mph blazing red with the emblem featuring a screaming yellow Q hard banked into a scorching left hand turn. There shouldn't be a person on your block without one and you should be first. $6.25 each. I'll have some with me at Springfield. Pictures coming up.

As noted earlier, C.A.C.I. has a rendition of Ed Miller's Rotax cowling for the 447 available. I believe I understood Norm Howell say he used this to cowl his Rotax 503 just by adding a couple of inches to the firewall end. (You guys can look up Gary Wilson's CACI address and phone number just like I can. You could stand rereading a back issue anyway).

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