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Q-talk 14 - ODDS and ENDS

A couple of items from the KR Newsletter are of interest to us. As we get familiar with resins and fiberglass, some of us branch out and experiment with non-Safe-T-Poxy materials. I've done a bunch of work with the Glasair's vinyl ester resin. At a safety conference in Vancouver, B.C., an eye specialist pointed out that a drop of MEKP (methyl-ethyl-ketone peroxide) splashed into the eye will progressively destroy the tissue of the eye and result in blindness unless immediate action is taken (WITHIN 4 SECONDS) to wash the catalyst with a bland solution (such as water). A case was reported of a victim who had both eyes contaminated while fiberglassing a chair. He took several minutes to find water. One eye was lost immediately while the other was lost gradually over an eight year period.

Also from the KR Newsletter: A builder complained of an epoxy allergy. Chemical barriers or latex gloves didn't help him. Butyl rubber gloves worked well but were too thick to afford the proper "feel". Joe Adams reported "I have found a glove thin enough to afford 'feel' and not too costly...less than $3 per pair. They have worked with T-88, Dow DER 330 and Safe-T-Poxy...Check your local safety house for a BEST Manufacturing Co. Nitrile glove, product code no. BL-730-10...or write Best Manufacturing Co., Menlo, GA 30731, phone 404-862-2302."

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