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Q-talk 13 - Jan/Feb 1989 - index

JAN/FEB 1989



by Jim Masal


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So here I am making this Q-TALK lemonade, locked up in the house, because of the Siberian Express that oppressed Alaska with -60 degree weather last week while I was enjoying +70 degrees. All of us in the "lower 48" (except for you rascals in southern California and Florida) are experiencing the same bitter cold this week. Here in "Cowboy" land where we are unaccustomed to the sugary, half-inch coating of ice pellets that have turned our roads into glaze ice, we are playing bumper cars and fall-flat-on-your-ass in the parking lots. I'm getting cabin fever, but I'm staying home.

To warm the cockles of my heart during this dreariness, I can remember a nice, bright Super Bowl Sunday just prior to this climate change. I was in the air with Bob Malechek in his Q-200 flying alongside Q builders Carroll Smiley, Bob Giles and a buddy in Carroll's '58 Cessna 172. We were flying out to a strip west of Ft. Worth for breakfast. Only thing is, a Q-200 doesn't like poking along next to a 172 when it holds over 80 mph in reserve. Soooo...while Carroll held his ship steady as a rock Bob M. gave me the stick to do gunnery passes and other shenanigans around the 172. Carroll will get us back when his Q is finished, I'm sure.

On the way back from breakfast Malechek taught me to do aileron rolls in his Q-200. It does a perfectly nice and natural roll that didn't give me any feeling of extra G's. Of course I had the benefit of avoiding the mistakes Bob's made in dozens of rolls he's practiced. In his plane, we accelerated to about 185 IAS, pulled up the nose 20-30 degrees with neutral rudder pedal, and when stabilized in the climb (airspeed now around 165), firmly and quickly gave it full aileron. Bob's key point was to hold aileron until the plane was all the way around before taking it to neutral. He said his early mistakes usually were from trying to lead the recovery by taking the aileron out early. Not proper, let it come all the way around first.

Thinking about that flight with Malechek and the guys will carry me through this miserable cold to our rapidly approaching spring. Yippeeee, I'm even feeling like doing some airplane building again!


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