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Q-talk 12 - ODDS and ENDS


Dear Jim,

Ron Whetsten and myself are planning a Quickie get-together this spring at Springfield (MO) Regional Airport. Our tentative date is June 2, 3 & 4, 1989. As we would like for this to be for all people including fliers, builders, QBA members, etc., we are calling it a "QUICKIE GATHERING". It will start on a Friday evening and run through Saturday and Sunday. We will gladly make motel reservations for anyone needing them, and will furnish transportation to and from. We have all ranges of motels from Motel 6 to Hilton Inn. It would be nice if we could get everyone at the same motel. We will work on this a little later. Also, we would like to plan a banquet for Saturday evening and maybe some workshops during the day Saturday.

How many people would be interested in this event? Please write or call me and we will keep you updated through Q-TALK.

James H. Langley, 245 E. Kimberly Street, Republic, MO 65738 (417) 732-1143

ED. NOTE: What a TERRIFIC idea! Langley was coaxed (buffaloed?) into agreeing to a fly in at Oshkosh. He proposed Sept., but a newsletter was not due and notification was a problem so the idea died. Now we have planning time for a great event. Springfield is about 170 mi. SE of Kansas City and 200 mi. SW of St. Louis, population about 150,000. It's a nice central location for a gathering and Langley and his friends already have a BIG start on a fly-in...5 Tri-Q's are already based there. The thing can't fail! When I pick a motel for a QBA base, I'll say and maybe we can get a bunch of us together for easy socializing/hangar flying. Meanwhile, let Jim and Ron know that you support the effort. This could be the start of something good!

Want to unload your Revmaster? Three builders in the Dallas area have already found an eager Englishman who has bought theirs. They believe he may be interested in more. He is Cecil Willcocks. Phone: 011 442 238 11486. A long number you can dial direct (It consists of an international code, country code, city code, etc.).

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