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Q-talk 8 - Mar/Apr 1988 - index

MAR/APR 1988



by Jim Masal



In a welcomed announcement made in the March issue of EAA's Sport Aviation, Gene Sheehan has apparently risen full-force from the ashes! To quote: "Gene Sheehan has announced the formation of a new company, Sheehan Engineering of P. O. Box 806, Mojave, CA 95301 (phone 805/824-9136). Initially, it will market some of the modifications to the Continental 0-200 that made it possible for Gene to win the CAFE 400 in the prototype Q200..." Blah, blah, blah, blah...let's cut to the good stuff: "...as well as a new homebuilt design. GENE FURTHER STATES THAT QUICKIE, Q-2 AND Q-200 BUILDERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO CALL OR WRITE HIM FOR BUILDER ASSISTANCE." (Incredulous CAPS, mine!).

Welcome back, Eugene! Forget all that stuff I said about a tiger not being able to change his stripes, I've been wrong before...! I hope the tail end of your announcement means that you have the patience and enthusiasm to lock arms with your past customers and get your products into the air. It will take unusual patience, enthusiasm and an uncommon man to crawl out from under the cowling of this racing buggy to face the enormous backlog of questions, comments, silly ideas, and seething complaints that will be anxious to get in line behind your telephone number. It may even be difficult for a while for new customers to break through. We hope you are the uncommon man able to weather this storm.

To my astute QBAers, you already know what I'm thinking. Change my mind. Ring up 805-824-9136 with all the pent up questions that have been bugging you with uncertainty these many months. I rely on you to keep me informed on how easily you can get through and how cheerfully and enthusiastically you get helped. I'm anxious for some really great news so I can fold up this ol' typewriter and move merrily down the highway.



This will be a slightly different style of "generic" newsletter. I'm going to try to beat the post office out of their rate increase.

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