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Q-2 KIT FOR SALE: THE WORKS - 2100 Revmaster w/geared electric starter, oil filter system, vac. pump, premold wheel pants, fuel tank, canopy; dual option, carbon spar, reflexor, all instruments, electronic ratiometric epoxy pump and more. Paid $14,000+, want $10,500. Some work done. Write for details: Larry Krzeminski, Box 1086, Edgewater,FL 32032.

PARTING OUT TRI-Q200: 0-200 Continental engine, 20 smoh, 3386 TT, Vac. Pump, 12 amp alternator, key start, oil cooler, copper float, all baffling and hardware firewall forward. $5,000. Tri-gear, "a good investment" $1,000. Call Hank (Clio Crop Care) (803) 586-9225.

WANTED: Low time or no time Onan engine. Also Defiant plans or project wanted. Steve Eckrich, (605) 225-3022.

FOR SALE: Tri-Q, C-85, converted 6/87, 110 TTAE, has "safe" LS canard, no pitch change in rain, 150+ mph, intercom and many extras. Must sell. $16,500 or offer. Houston, TX area. (409) 273-3486.

FOR SALE: Rotax 447 engine, mount, exhaust and 2 props for a Quickie engine conversion. $1500. Call (812) 476-2011.

WANTED: New or used Stubbs Aero Super Q engine conversion (Konig SD 570 engine). Call (812) 476-2011.

FOR SALE: Taildragger spring, Hyd. brakes, wheels, tires (I converted to a Tri-Q). At lowest reasonable price. Emil MirSepasy, (206) 455-5963 anytime.

WANTED: New or used Quickie prop, 42x30. Please send postcard with price to Arden Krueger, H8734 CTH Q, Wausau, WI 54401 (715) 842-9055.

FREE FOR LOAD TEST TO DESTRUCTION: Quickie 1 GU canard and main wing from tornado damaged plane. You pick up. Mike Conlin, (409) 273-3486. No collect.

FOR SALE: Warnke almost-constant-speed prop 52D x 56P, used 15 hours. Performance was 155 mph at 3050 rpm in my 70 hp Q-2. $200. Call Kim, (403) 281-3959 Calgary, Alberta.

FOR SALE: MAZDA RX-7 engine freshly overhauled and complete with radiator. Intended for installation in Tri-Q. Needs prop drive. Charles Mackey, (504) 927-7656 or 389-2504.

SCIENTEC, POOR MAN'S EPOXY PUMP - Costs almost nothing, lasts for years. Deadly accurate. VERY reliable. $13.00, postpaid for QBA members. Write: Bob Falkiner, SCIENTEC, 983 Vera Cruz Dr., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4Y 2G4.

VOICE ACTIVATED INTERCOM SYSTEM: 2 Place kit $115.95; assembled $179.50. Talk and hear without effort.

NAV/STROBE LIGHT SYSTEMS: simple installation and easy access for servicing. Write for details. RTX Ltd., Box 20334, Dallas, TX 75220.


RD 3, BOX 107 B


(814) 445-8506 or (814) 445-8608

Quickie/Q-2/200/Tri-Q plans - complete kits - builder technical support - all metal fabricated parts - Tri-Q conversion kits and sparless canards - component fabrication service. Call or visit our facility. We're here to help you get your Q-bird into the air!

Custom Composites, in business since 1981, has built over a dozen Q-2's and other composite aircraft parts.

WANTED: We are in need of Q-200 carbon tube spars to fill present orders. Call or write with details.

You can order a PDF or printed copy of Q-talk #5 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.