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Q-talk 2 - Mar/Apr 1987 - index

MAR/APR 1987



by Jim Masal


Last fall, I developed what the TV cop shows call "an attitude", meaning: a BAD attitude. Like many of you, my friends and relatives don't get many letters out of me in a year's time. I don't like to write them. Therefore, you just might imagine that writing a large newsletter on a regular basis might give me a special pain in my lower, cracked regions from time to time. I understand and feel the same way as those of you who don't like to write, but I have found that it IS possible for me to do it anyway and I know the same is true for you. None of our arms will fall off; we won't get a terminal disease.

And since I'm leading by example, I figure that it is not unreasonable to expect to hear from everyone once every four or five months. You know, tips, project progress or lack of it, nice flights, EVEN JUST YOUR OPINION OR CRITICISM OF Q-TALK (how is it serving you?). Now there are two ways to get this communication to happen. Everyone could do it voluntarily (but probably not in my lifetime) or I could limit subscribers to just those who WOULD contribute something. A novel idea and that's just what I decided to do. I had even sent out just over 100 letters to the certain past contributors I wanted to continue writing for, but after hearing from several members whose opinions I value, I decided finally to change the rate while offering a discount to certain past contributors. I consider this thing a personal communication between me and you and so, if you don't want to write for me, I don't want to write for you. Hearing from you means more to me than the dues.

I knew that the new dues structure would chase off those who weren't serious about what was going on here, and I sho 'nuff did it. Friends who know me well know to expect the unconventional. While it is true that I have to do the same amount of work to produce this thing whether I mail it to 100 or 1000 (except that 1000 means more $$$), I am much happier knowing that a more limited group really wants what we have to offer. So keep in touch - it will probably affect your subscription rate next year too.

The really great news is that we are a slimmer organization (I lick less stamps), but we are more actively participating. Nearly 95% of you who've renewed shared your opinions, tips, pilot reports, experiences and pictures. Your opinions help me when I pick the various types of material for an issue. I try to meet the needs I feel from you. Much entertaining and educational material has come in from many who have never contributed before. I'm really fired up again! When this issue reaches you it may even be 2 issues at once if I can't calm myself down.

Now on with the show!

SPRING HAS SPRUNG! (He sez, with snow gently falling outside, in TEXAS for gods sakes!)



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