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Q-talk 1 - Jan/Feb 1987 - index

JAN/FEB 1987



by Jim Masal


Sometimes, my opinion of our Q's can be a real "downer". Nevertheless, here we are with these Q's on our hands, a dream in our hearts, and we are committed. Despite their smudged record, you will not fly a general aviation aircraft in your lifetime that is so sensitive to your command and is so much fun to frolic with than the one you're working on right now. And, the hype of that dubious title "World's Most Efficient Aircraft" notwithstanding, these planes are unusually efficient.

Let me reiterate a couple of Golden Rules that are likely to be critical to your success:


If you think I'm being silly and disregard this rule, there are 4 possible outcomes: a. you break the airplane (see our survey for proof), b. you scare the hell out of yourself and sell it quick (see the classifieds), c. you scare SOME of the hell out of yourself and convert to a Tri-Q (more $, time, effort), d. you are exceptionally skilled/lucky and come out of your first flight unscathed (but perhaps get scathed somewhere later on down the line).

Having done and watched some recent Q200 taxi testing, I am reminded to tell you: don't just taxi straight up and down the ramp/runway and think you are doing a good job of testing. Taxi in some slow, tight circles to estimate your radius of turn; do "snake" turns by moving the nose 30 degrees right and left of centerline at a SLOW rate. I personally increase the rate of these turns and forward speed in a CLEAR area until I reach a point where the plane will do a deliberate but slow ground loop. This won't hurt the airplane, if done at a slow speed, but will do wonders for your heart rate. I provoke a ground loop in a clear area not only to determine what has to happen before the loop will start, but also to experience the thrill so I don't get surprised on the runway. You will be surprised to find that these airplanes do a nice, tight ground loop so that if it happens on a wide runway, say 150', you may not even nick a runway light.


Some of you write to say what a "boost" you get from a newsletter. Can't you imagine the boost if you visited another project "up close and personal" with another builder ... for BOTH you and him? Why not make such a visit ... say, bimonthly? Looking at my mailing list, I can tell you that most of you are not geographically isolated from another builder, but too many of you are mentally isolated. For example, there are two Dallas reader/builders who have this editor practically in their backyard, yet they have not attempted to make contact. MAKE THE EFFORT, DAMMIT! Find and visit other projects. With QAC out of action, pulling separately ain't the way ... we gotta pull together.

Two rules: TAXI TAXI TAXI etc., and DON'T BUILD IN ISOLATION. That's enough of my sermonizing, now take your bullheaded self on out and do it any ol' way you damn please.


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