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QuickTalk 29 - CLASSIFIEDS

HELP WANTED: Just took over a Quickie kit with missing parts. Need engine mount, Kevlar if possible, and copy of engine mounting instructions. I'm not looking for a gift. Harold Nelson, PO Box 28752, Sacramento, CA 95828.

WANTED: REVMASTER 2100-D with 75 hp heads, Rev-Flo carb, 12V starter and other factory options in System-2. Also need remaining items that came in QAC's Kit #3. John Touchet, 769 Bragg St., Fond du Lac, WI 54935. (414) 921-8033.

FOR SALE: Complete Q-2 kit just out of the box. $ down on engine. Includes packages 1, 2 and 3 along with the handy Wicks epoxy pump, entire collection of Quicktalk Newsletters. $4900. Call Mike at (405) 848-4555 or write 10929 Blue Fox Drive, Edmond, OK 73034.

FOR SALE: QUICKIE serial 101, N79DA, looks and flies great! No damage ever! 200 hrs+ on balanced 20 hp Onan. Nav lights, 720 Edo RT563 navcom, elect. fuel pump, spare 22 hp Onan, wheels and tires, uncut canopy, 2 props. $7500, will dicker! Jack (916) 246-1406 til 2:30 pm or Duke (503) 779-5486 eves.

FOR SALE: PARTS. ZT driving computer and Flo-Scan fuel transducer (compuflight) $75; large Quickie tires and tubes, unused $10; prop crush plate drilled and machined $10. Onan intake manifold (less carb) $5. Norm Howell (405) 249-7644 days, ask for Captain Howell.

FOR SALE: Q2 packages 1, 2 and 3, including epoxy pump and $400 down on the engine. Never really unpacked. $8414 invested and will sell for $5600. Michael Smith, 10929 Blue Fox Dr., Edmond, OK 73034. (405) 341-7423 or 848-4999.

WANTED: Carbon spar for Q200. I broke one side of the canard in a crash landing. G. E. Wills, 19 Burbank Ave., N.S.W. Australia 2213.

FOR SALE: Q200 KIT 30% complete. Has carbon spar and Q200 retro kit, sliding canopy. $8300 invested, sell for $7000. No time. Rich Lavigne, (914) 452-5984, no collect. NY.

WANTED: Onan flywheel with magnets installed. J. Hinrichsen, RR-1, Box 204, Eureka, IL 61530. (309) 467-4334.

FOR SALE: Quickie. All sub-assemblies done. Fuse with stab and rudder. Wings; ailerons; elevators; uncut canopy, Onan, prop and rest of materials. Make offer. Rolly Clark (404) 342-3878. GA.

You can order a PDF or printed copy of QuickTalk #29 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.