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QuickTalk 24 - Q-TIPS

From Birch Parker #2549

I had to cut spacers from 1/4" and 5/16" OD steel tube. They must be square and to length. One way to do this is to chuck the tube in a drill press and square the ends against a piece of sandpaper flat on the table of the press. Then adjust the table height so that a fine tooth hacksaw blade laid flat on the table will cut at your scribe mark. Use lowest rpm's to clean up the ends of the short 0.1 spacers. Thread several on the shank of a #10 drill. This gives you something to grasp so you can hold them vertical to a piece of sandpaper on a flat surface.

From Alan McFarland #2742

1. I took my 2-carbon filter respirator and turned it into an "outside air" breathing device. I got 3" white dryer hose (4" is common), cut out the carbon from the filters and ran the dryer hose from each filter (the fit is perfect) over my shoulder to a T (fit not so good). Then I ran 15' of hose outside. I mounted a muffin fan outside blowing in. The long hose often hangs from the ceiling or sometimes pulls along on the ground. I've used it a lot; sometimes I even forget to take it off. Breathing is easy and it's not too cumbersome.

2. Keep the big bottle of resin hot, but not the catalyst. The catalyst goes bad (or at least the manufacturer says he PROBABLY wouldn't use old, darkened catalyst) while the resin does not. Note: Aircraft Spruce will sell the catalyst alone and it's not expensive.

From Ted Fox #2855

Test flying is going to be a hair-raising enough experience without any self-induced problems. Therefore, when I get to my test flight (anyone expect to be around in the year 1986?), instead of a note pad, I'll just hook a tape recorder into the intercom system and when I note different speeds, glitches, etc., I'll say it and I got it. I can review the tape in detail after the flight.

ED. NOTE: This reminds me of an excellent voice activated intercom by AAMWELL TECHNOLOGY of Phoenix, AZ (owner is building a Dragonfly). Available complete or as a kit, it features the ability to record conversations, ATC clearances etc., play music, and has an ATC over-ride so you won't miss incoming calls. It also doesn't cut off the first syllable of your first word like some do. Don't have more details handy so write me or look for their ad in a mag.

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