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QuickTalk 21 - CLASSIFIEDS

FOR SALE: One complete wheel and hydraulic disk brake assembly. Wheels turned on lathe so that disks turn true. All hardware, master and brake cylinders. $60.

Two wheelpants for LS(1) canard, glassed inside and on top mounting surface, ready to flox in place. $25.

Jig for building canard, with templates for LS(1) canard, both top and bottom, and even for GU 25 canard. $75.

Call or write with your day and evening phone numbers. John Derr, 706 Partridge Circle, Golden, CO 80403. Days (303) 236-1506, home 279-6722.

FOR SALE: Complete Q-200 kit with new canard, large tinted canopy, dual pedals and brakes, Continental 0-200 engine, newsletters, resin balance, templates and jigs. John Szabo, (215) 967-2009.

FOR SALE: Pair of Q-2 carbon spars for NASA airfoil canard. Brand new. $600. Gene Cash, (602) 437-3458 or 891-3508.

FOR SALE: Complete, new Stubbs Aero Products Super -Q engine conversion kit: Konig 32 hp 4 cyl, 2 stroke engine with starter, mounts, muffler, cowling, prop, spinner, tach, installed baffling, all hardware, etc, etc. Never been run. Photos on request. $2500 plus shipping from Seattle. Call Bob Schreiber, (206) 454-8267 or write 1605 112th Ave N.E., Bellevue, WA 98004.

Q-2 CONSTRUCTION TAPE: "Template to Test Flight" 5+ hrs. Specify VHS or Beta. QBA member discount price now $100. Clio Crop Care, Box 422, Clio, SC 29525.

FOR SALE: "Poor Man's Epoxy Pump" tested for accuracy and epoxy compatibility. Plans and epoxy handling info $1. Complete unit with plans and info $13 for QBA members. Bob Falkiner, 983 Vera Cruz Dr., Mississauga Ontario, Canada L4Y 2G4.

You can order a PDF or printed copy of QuickTalk #21 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.