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QuickTalk 18 - Nov/Dec 1984 - index

NOV/DEC 1984



by Jim Masal


Before we get down to business, we'd first like to wish all of our builders and fliers a very joyous and safe holiday and a first flight in this new year. Best Holiday wishes to all your family members who so patiently and with understanding support all of us the pursuing our dream of flight. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


With this issue, QBA and QUICKTALK close out a third year of builder support for Quickie/Q-2/Q-200 enthusiasts. We look back with pride at the massive amount of information that we have poured into the vacuum of builder information that existed before we got involved in QUICKTALK, and we look back gratefully at all our member's names that appear next to tips, letters, pilot reports and in photo captions. You guys are truly amazing, and we are delighted to be able to put the fruits of your handiwork and amassed brainpower into printed form. None of us can even begin to come close to guessing the amount of dollars we have saved each other; the amount of time, frustration and even broken bones and pride that we, together, have averted. To all of you who have participated not just with your dues, but with pens, pencils, typewriters and phone calls --- THANKS!


This issue also marks the end of this dues year and QUICKTALK subscription for most of you out there. Throughout this past year, we have converted all members over to a Jan. thru Dec. annual dues schedule. If you address label has 12-84 beside your name, THIS IS YOUR LAST ISSUE. Threat yourself to a great Christmas present, RENEW NOW.


Canadians, we've had generally good results with our mailings to you so we are not changing your rates this year BUT BUT BUT, we have had more aggravation than we can stand with our bank clerks over Canadian personal checks (our clerks are still using crayons). So please, U.S. FUNDS ONLY and we can keep your rates down, O.K>?


In an Issue #17 response to Bruce Meck's letter was included "...An emotional market (Aviation, Ed.) is just the kind that can generate humongous lawsuits once it gets pushed too far." We have been informed that a Quickie flier (We believe a Joseph A. Mullin, by name) has won a large judgment against Quickie Aircraft Corp. early in November resulting from an '81 crash in which he sustained two broken ankles and other injuries. The suit was tried in the Federal District Court of Denver, CO, we understand. Unconfirmed rumor also has it that although there has been a great deal of activity within QAC to develop a Nelson engine for the Quickie, this activity suddenly halted early in November. We have confirmed that Scott Swing has left QAC and rumor has it that Larry Lombard (who drew plans and plans changes) also left in November. These were two key people for technical builder support.


Also unconfirmed is a report from a builder that QAC may be filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. While wondering about this last report, a business acquaintance informed us that when a corporation wants to appeal a large judgment that it doesn't have the assets to pay, it can file Chapter 11 to protect its assets for a year while it reorganizes at a new address. We DO hope they stay afloat.




One reminder: don't cause yourself to write 2 checks when we return the first one as the wrong amount. AS OF NOV. 1, 1984, ANNUAL DUES ARE $10.00. We expect to lose a hundred members or so due to this change, but as we said at the Oshkosh forum, we work for something less than $1 per hour when all is said and done, and before we'll work for less we'll shut down (it's not worth a divorce either). Meantime, we'll keep giving you the best 10 bucks worth of newsletter you can get.


We have tried and tried to contact QAC by phone to confirm or deny our information before this went to print, but the two numbers listed in a recent QAC newsletter are not being answered. We go to press with what we have to alert QBA members to help us get the facts. Something's brewing, Gents. Until the picture gets clearer, we're keeping our cash in our pockets.


Late and bad news: We hear Quickie Aircraft has laid off all employees and closed down on Friday, November 30th. More later, JM.

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