The following data was compiled by searching available literature (primarily newsletters), by personal conversations and through survey cards mailed to over 150 aircraft registered on the F.A.A. rolls. A significant number of survey cards were not returned. This survey is not scientifically precise and should be viewed as general information of a broad perspective. Particularly interesting is the comparison of total time to months since first flight.

If you know of a flying aircraft that should be included please invite the owner to contact us or send us his name and address yourself.


IF = in flight, from first liftoff to touchdown on landing

L = during landing rollout

T = during takeoff phase

FLY = currently flyable

NF = not flyable

MI = minor damage

MJ = major damage

D = destroyed

FF = date of first flight

MTB = months to build

STATUS = current status

TOP = top speed

WT = aircraft empty weight

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