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QuickTalk 13 - WE'VE GOT PICTURES!

Will Hubin's Quickie (#295) is a familiar sight at Oshkosh. Photo courtesy of Terry Brumbaugh.



The spectacular British Columbia countryside frames Bob Shellon's Quickie (C-FJAN). Who needs to fly with a view like that?



This head-on view of Bob Owen's Q2 (#2318) shows the limited frontal area which makes it so efficient.



The Koenig engine installations of Ron Thornton.



and Bill Thurman (See "Letters")



The first European Q2 saw its first flight on November 16th, 1983. It was built by Quickie distributor Don Johnson of West Midlands, England. Initial reports show a cruise speed of 155 MPH at 3000 RPM.



You can order a PDF or printed copy of QuickTalk #13 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.