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QuickTalk 12 - ODDS and ENDS

In our never-ending quest to keep everyone thoroughly confused, we have decided to make a change to our current subscription policy. Basically, we are eventually putting everyone on a January to December schedule. This should significantly reduce the problems we have throughout the year of late renewals, constant reminders, and questions about expiration dates. Once installed, we can remind everyone at the end of the year to renew. New members that join in the middle of the year will have their membership backdated to January and will receive appropriate QUICKTALK issues. Starting in 1984, as renewals become due, you will be asked to pay a pro-rated amount so that your subscription will expire in December.

It would probably be of benefit to make a mental note of your QUICKTALK expiration date. (It is located at the upper right on your mailing label.) The pro-rated renewal schedule mentioned above will be as follows:

[04/84]$5.30$6.60$ 8.00
[06/84]$4.00$5.00$ 6.00
[08/84]$2.60$3.30$ 4.00
[10/84]$1.30$1.60$ 2.00

For instance, U.S. subscriptions, which run out in February 1984, will be asked to pay $6.60. (Naturally, if you wish to include an extra year to see you through the end of 1985, it will be accepted.) Although everyone's renewal is not required until their subscription runs out, it would help us tremendously to have all the 1984 renewals as soon as possible. The good news among all this is that we still intend to keep the current subscription rate of $8/year ($10/Canada, $12 overseas) despite some talk of higher postal rates. U.S. funds only, please.

We have recently put together an updated membership roster to help you locate fellow builders in your area. Simply send us a SASE if you wish one or two states. If you prefer, we can mail you the entire list for one dollar. We urge you to take advantage of this service.

During the QBA forum at Oshkosh, it was suggested that a list of completed aircraft projects around the country would be helpful. Fellow builders could obtain firsthand knowledge from experienced flyers. We hope to also gain a glimpse into the success of QAC designs. As a result, we have recently mailed hundreds of reply cards to FAA registered Quickie and Q2 owners. If you own a project (or know of one), which has been its first flight and have not been contacted by us, we would appreciate your help. Even a project, which is no longer flying due to accident or maintenance, is of interest. The reply card takes about 5 minutes to fill out, and we even provide the postage! Contact Jim Masal at P.O. Box 20334, Dallas, TX 75220. Results will be printed in an upcoming QUICKTALK issue. As more projects take in the air, we hope you will keep us informed so that we may keep our list up-to-date. Thanks.

You can order a PDF or printed copy of QuickTalk #12 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.