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QuickTalk 11 - CLASSIFIEDS

FOR SALE: Onan engine (22.5 HP) and Kevlar mount. Still in original packing. Contact: Tom Kunes, 11110 'Y' St., Omaha, NE 68137. (402) 339-9305 after 5 pm.


FOR SALE: Q2 clear canopy and tach. Sell below cost or trade toward transponder or blind encoder. Contact: John Szabo, RD 4-Box 107, 121 Gable Dr., Coopersburg, PA 18036 (215) 967-2009.


FOR SALE: Onan B48M, 15 Hrs TT, Ritz prop. 20 HP heads with graphite gaskets. $700. Also one Onan in original factory state. 150 TT with starter, cowling, etc. $400. Buyer pays freight. Contact: Bill Thurman, 1826 Albemarle Dr., Hixon, TN 37343. (615) 842-2311 after 4 pm.


FOR SALE: Quickie Kit #215. Includes 22.5 HP engine (never run), large wheel option, new foam/epoxy, epoxy pump, variac, QBA/QAC Newsletters, plans, antenna kit, throttle quadrants, Radair 360 transceiver. Asking $4000. Let's talk - purchasing two-seater kit. $250 finders fee. Contact: Victor Smith, 114 Walsh St., Oceanside, CA 92054. (619) 721-3118.


FOR SALE: New Q2 Revmaster 2100-DQ engine. Geared starter, oil filter system, oil sump drain. $3185. Contact: E. Mueller, 254 Circle Pkwy., Williams Bay, WI 53191. (414) 245-5087.


FOR SALE: Onan engine (18 HP), engine cowlings and 42" dia. Cowley prop. Never used. Will include engine test stand. Make me an offer. Contact: Bob Schreiber, 1605 112th Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98004. (206) 454-8267.


FOR SALE: Onan Engine (22.5 HP). Pilot too heavy for engine. Also have friend with Q2 kit less package #3. Will accept $1000 less than dealer price. Free delivery within 100 miles of Minneapolis, MN. No time to build. Contact: Harry Daymond, 525 Pearl St., Prescott, WI 54021. (715) 262-3133. No collect, please.


FOR SALE: Revmaster 2100-D engine w/elect. starter. 9 hrs. flight time. Excellent condition. $3000 or best offer. Contact: Jerry Powers, 1641 Downing St., Denver, CO 80218. (303) 572-8884.


FOR SALE: Revmaster 2100-DQ engine w/geared starter and oil sump drain. Still in box. $3600. Also Q2 package #2. $1750. Both for 5200. Contact: Ron Cross, 3622 S. 118th E. Ave., Tulsa, OK 74146. (918) 663-9357.


FOR SALE: Q2 Kits #1 and #2, all components completed except fuselage. Excellent workmanship. Includes disc brakes, 5:00 x 5 tires, built-in antennas, $300 deposit on Remaster engine. $8500 or best offer. Also $2500 for completely overhauled C-85 (when sold with Q2 kits). Includes many new parts, lightweight alter., etc. Contact: Thomas Keysa, 4805 Spring Creek, Knoxville, TN 37920. (615) 579-5408.


FOR SALE: Revmaster 2100-DQ engine. Geared elec. starter. Oil filter, sump drain, oil cooler. Exhaust system. 45 x 56 prop. Still in box. $3500. Contact: Ron Munro, 1870 Pinon Ave., Anderson, CA 96007. (916) 365-2477.


WANTED: Quickie canard with wheel pants (in Southern U.S.). Must be impeccable construction. Will consider unfinished. Send history/particulars in care of QBA, P.O. Box 8604, Fort Worth, TX 76124-0604.


FOR SALE: Canard with elevators, never installed, excellent workmanship. Two Q2 wheels with 4:00x5 tires and tubes, including hydraulic disc brakes with master cylinder, hardware & plans. Also two Q2 wheel pants. All new in boxes. Bargain prices - make offer. Contact: Bob Stark, Rt. 7, Colony Dr., Salisbury, MD 21801. (301) 749-6503.


FOR SALE: Q2 ready for engine. BMW R100S with mount, cowling, upholstery & instruments. Weight 240 lbs less engine/cowling. Excellent finish. Contact: Charles Rhoades, 420 Harbour Dr., Naples, FL 33940 (813) 261-1670.


FOR SALE: 18 HP Onan. Includes baffles, brackets, etc. New Cowley prop. Ready to bolt on. 55 hrs TT. No cooling problems. $500. (Crating extra) Quickie upholstery kit (gold). Like new.-$50. Large tires/tubes.-$20. Contact: Owen Billman, RD #1, Box 416, Mayfield, NY 12117. (518) 661.5139.


FOR SALE: Lycoming 0-145 B2, 65 HP engine. Assembled. No car, mags, logs. Also Lycoming 0-145 A-1, 50 HP engine. No carb, logs. Disassembled. Most parts interchangeable. One engine mount for above. $750 takes lot (crated). Contact: Owen Billman, RD #1, Box 416, Mayfield, NY 12117. (518) 661-5139.


FOR SALE: Q2. Major components complete and signed off. Revmaster engine (in box) with all options. Many extras. $9500. Contact: Roddy Rossborough, 216 Eastwood Pk., Lenoir, NC 28645. (704) 728-5941 or 728-7817.


FOR SALE: C-85-12 engine. 750 TT. 10 STOH. Removed from Q2. $2500 or trade for 0-200. Contact: Ron Gowan, 2955 Alouette Dr. #1123, Grand Prairie, TX 75051. (214) 660-2228.


FOR SALE: One completed Quickie wing. Never used. $400 or best offer. Contact: David Bynum, P.O. Box 21193, Denver, CO 80221 (303) 455-7523, weekdays.


FOR SALE: Q2 project, 80% complete. Primed, ready for paint (furnished). T-tail. $13,000 cash. For details contact: Horace Toler, 255 W. Corona Rd., Tucson, AZ 85706. (602) 889-1835 after 7 pm.

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