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QuickTalk 11 - ODDS and ENDS

We have recently learned that a QUICKTALK subscriber has tried using portions of the QBA mailing list to promote a chain letter scheme. This type of activity is entirely against the wishes of the QBA staff and should not be condoned. We respect the privacy of our membership and expect others to do likewise. The QUICKTALK roster is for the private use of our members and MAY NOT BE USED FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. We ask everyone to disregard any offers which appear to be from an improper use of our roster and to inform QBA of such occurrences.

Quickie distributor Howard Meissner has been racking up the miles on his Q2 as of late. He recently reported a trip from Chino to Trucklee-Tahoe, California, which showed a distance of 440 miles in three hours (147 MPH). His cruise speed at 8500' was 160 MPH and 2900 RPM. Fuel flow was 3.9 GPH. By the way, Howard had his Q2 filmed by a Hollywood production company for an upcoming cable TV segment. Should be a good little spot since it showed the plane both in and out of the pattern. (Now, if Howard would just tell us WHICH TV show it was...)

Many of you Quickie builders troubled by Onan reliability problems will be interested in a discussion entitled "Onan Overhaul" from the August 1983 issue of HOMEBUILT AIRCRAFT. Although the use of the word 'overhaul' may be a bit presumptuous (the article as only 2 pages long), the author concentrates on the reason head bolts pull out of the Onan's aluminum block. The writer, Pat Goodman, believes that the head bolt itself holds a key to the solution. The specified head torque increases markedly with increased operating temperature. As a result, additional torque to prevent head leakage simple puts more "pull" on the soft aluminum block when the engine warms up. By making the bolts SMALLER in diameter, they 'stretch' rather than distort the head or case. Details are given explaining how to machine the middle portion of the stud. QBA would be interested in hearing from members who decide to try this technique.

For those of you who like to keep tabs on completed aircraft, here is the Q2 rundown at the Oshkosh convention:

Empty Wt.
Cruise (MPH)
CarlsonWI Rev.558170
Attendance by completed Quickie projects was essentially unchanged from our 1982 report, and thus was not reprinted.

You can order a PDF or printed copy of QuickTalk #11 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.