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QuickTalk 7 - Jan/Feb 1983 - index

JAN/FEB 1983



by Robert Herd

With the Quickie Builders Association celebrating its first year of operation, it would only be proper for us to review our past accomplishments and to indulge in a little self-critique. We have developed from a small group of hotheads (usually with QAC as our target) into a sizeable organization with widely varying interests and expertise. Admittedly, our larger membership has softened our words somewhat, but made us no less ambitious to gain an honest account of the Quickie/Q2 building experience.

Quickie Aircraft did not exactly welcome us with open arms during our early period. Indeed, with many of the founding members (myself included) having some sort of complaint about backordered parts, builder support or whatever, it is a wonder that cordial relations were kept at all. Although this attitude has changed, both organizations have suffered from a communication deficiency. Nothing is gained by having dissatisfied builders - except kits that are never completed and a sales problem for the designer. It is to our advantage to have QAC do well. After all, increased sales provide a stronger builder network. We openly encourage QAC to keep us continuously informed of problem areas, product announcements and building hints. QUICKTALK was never intended to replace official QAC announcements and change notices, however our bimonthly format is much better suited toward continual news updates.

Looking at our more successful side, we have been impressed with the quality of builder awareness across the country and a willingness to share ideas. It is pleasing to note that less than 1% of our members have requested to not have their names and addresses released. The access of our roster to all members was questionable when first conceived, but it appears to be a useful tool to extend geographical contacts.

After pounding a typewriter, I always wonder if a particular QUICKTALK topic will be given only glancing consideration or will be seriously evaluated for its contribution. Over the previous six issues, there have been several items, which have definitely fallen into the latter category. Two standouts, which brought the most response include our focus articles on backordered materials and flight through precipitation. In both cases, member minced few words in their personal feelings. It might be presumptuous to assume that QBA brought about the attention to these topics in the homebuilt community, but there is little doubt that our presence was helpful.

We are fortunate to have some very bright individuals do more than their share of writing hints and investigations. Naturally, their help is invaluable, but we would like to hear on occasion from ALL our members. This is an item that will receive more attention during the year. There are literally hundreds of ideas that should be ferreted out and distributed for everyone's use.

Finally, QUICKTALK needs a little squawk from time to time to keep the staff on its toes and provide recommendations for improvement. For instance, our switch to a double-column offset format was the direct result of reader comments. We appreciate these suggestions and hope they continue. Whether it be a request for a particular article or advice to upgrade our services, reader input is essential.

Good luck in the coming months with your projects and let us hear from you.


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