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QuickTalk 6 - Nov/Dec 1982 - index

NOV/DEC 1982



by Robert Herd

It is not surprising that builders do quite a bit of daydreaming about that ultimate time know as "The First Flight". Those of us that measure our building progress on a yearly basis have expanded those dreams and envision every detail, down to the brand of champagne to celebrate with. For many, it is the culmination of untold hours of planning, toil and sacrifice. But what happens beyond that momentous occasion when all the boxes are empty and every part has found a suitable place somewhere on the airplane? The new craftsman-turned-pilot must realize that the building process does not suddenly terminate. Every succeeding flight brings a fuller understanding of the plane's performance and possibilities. The change, the adjustments, the modifications are a continuing part of the creative process. The very desire for efficiency that drove many of you toward a Quickie or Q2 will continue in the flying regime to find that "next" little improvement.

As project completion numbers begin to rise, QBA will focus attention on the success (or disappointment) of our flying members. It will be interesting to see how well the average builder attains the QAC performance and reliability figures. For this reason, we have included a survey sheet to question our overall membership. Those individuals with finished plans will find the questionnaire very easy to complete. We would like to have these returned by December 31, 1982 in order to publish the results next issue. Feel free to add extra comments if you wish and mail to Jim Masal at the address shown. QUICKTALK is committed to this type of direct feedback for everyone's benefit and we appreciate your cooperation.

It was mentioned in Issue #5 that a block of dorm rooms has been reserved for Oshkosh '83. At this time, we are still awaiting confirmation from the university as to our assigned building. Since we limited the number of rooms available, it is suggested that those interested notify QBA at their earliest convenience. We need the names of those in your party, arrival and departure dates, and a $15 deposit per room for the first night's stay. We will do our best to accommodate requests for roommates if you are solo. Send your request to QBA at our Maryland address. We will acknowledge your reservation and keep you posted as August approaches.

Finally, as QUICKTALK finishes its first year of publication, we want to thank those many members who have contributed their ideas and experiences over the months. It simply could not have been accomplished without your help. The immediate future promises many new subjects to be explored and an active builder network. We hope to again tap that hidden resource of knowledge out there and provide for its discussion. As always, we welcome your comments and ask for your continued support in 1983.


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