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QuickTalk 3 - May/Jun 1982 - index

MAY/JUN 1982



by Robert Herd

The first item you probably notice about our issue this time is its new format. After hearing the comments by several of you suggesting more copy, better print, margin space, etc., we did a lot of head scratching. It seemed that there was no way to change the layout with our word processor and little Xerox machine. After all but giving up, Jim located a willing print shop and we started experimenting with different techniques. The result is a reduced-size print, which allows us to have more articles and better quality photos. It is a bit more trouble (and a lot more expensive), but we think the results are worth it. With our added space, we will be seeking more and more input from everyone. If there is an issue or problem you would like to address in detail, feel free to send your comments. Grab that form on the last page and start scribbling!


You may have noticed QBA mentioned in recent issues of several aviation publications (Sport Aviation, Flying, Homebuilt Aircraft, Plane & Pilot to name a few). We would like to publicly thank these magazines for their cooperation. Also, Quickie Aircraft was generous enough to allow a flyer in their recent newsletter to help us contact current builders. This nationwide exposure has been very successful in reaching new enthusiasts and increasing our membership. As always, though, we rely primarily on you, the members, to promote and improve our cause.


With the increase of new QUICKTALK readers, it would do well to review QBA's role as a builder service organization. We act only as a clearinghouse for ideas and opinions of our members. It should be emphasized that information contained in QUICKTALK should not be implicitly considered as correct. It is a responsibility of each individual builder to assess the merits and disadvantages of this material and to determine its relative value. The question of responsibility and product liability with homebuilts has not been adequately addressed in our U.S. court system. Although the QBA staff will not knowingly print material, which we believe to have possible adverse safety implications, it is impossible for us to investigate each idea individually. The final burden of safety lies with the builder. Therefore, "CAVEAT FINEM" (Beware the Outcome!) any time you wish to try an alternative path from the original plans.)


We believe it is imperative that QBA make a concerted effort to protect itself and its members. On occasion, we would like the advice of someone who speaks "legalese" to help us be aware of possible ramifications. If you are a lawyer or are familiar with aviation law, please write us at QBA (2306 9th Street, Lubbock, TX 79401). QBA will continue to probe for new answers and will base its position upon sound judgment.


As always, let us hear from you.


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