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A: (RE: A. Weigart, Issue #1) I had a problem with my Quickie exhausts hitting the top cowl slightly. At first I kept popping the cowl brackets and couldn't figure out why. One day at 1,000 feet I heard a strange noise (sure raises the hair on the neck!). When I landed, I found all but one upper cowl bracket broken loose. We found that it was caused from engine vibration. DON'T let that engine touch anything but the mounts. It bounces around, especially with the Kevlar mount. (Jim Stoveken, #204)

Q: When flying the Q2 and trimming at the same time, how do you trim without taking your hand off the stick? Do you do all trimming with the left hand? /page 20-3/ (Lanny Fields, #2551)

Q: Has anyone completed a layup in the approximate times given in the plans? For example, laying up the bottom wing skin in 2.5 hours. If so, what's the technique? (Dean Sjoquist, #459)

Q: Page 7-6 of the Quickie plans shows Section B-B as a 4" width, but sentence 2, says within 1". Which is correct? (Don Ralph, #300)

A. Stress that on page 7-6, contouring must be: 1) Within 2" of edge of fuselage and 2) within 2" of the bulkhead marked earlier (that is within 2" both fore and aft of ...) (Owen Billman, #53)

Q. I only received one sheet of 1/4" foam. With this, I'm supposed to make my gas tank, baffles, header tank, etc. Did anyone else receive more? (Robert McCollum, #2143)

Q. Does anyone know of a good, reliable tachometer (for a Quickie)? I am looking for a small one that will last longer than the original I received. (Jim Stoveken, #204)

A. (RE: Richard Pettit, Issue #1) Advice from Quickie (QAC) is to forget about taping both sides of bulkhead 153.7. (Dean Sjoquist, #459)

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