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Q-talk 155 - Q1 Onan Part Numbers

by Anonymous Q1 Driver

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following part numbers were sent to me by a LONGTIME QBA member who recently rebuilt the 1978 engine of his Onan powered Q1. These are the parts currently in his engine, and he has also graciously provided the REASON for using these part numbers.

However, he provided these numbers with the following caveat; Onan is VERY serious about NOT selling parts to Quickie owners. So, if you’ve figured out who this builder and pilot is, DO NOT mention his name while ordering or talking to anyone from Onan! (He may need to order these parts again in the future.)]

Cylinder head
Head gasket (graphoil)   110-3181
Exhaust valve (stellite)   110-1955
Piston rings   113-0314
Intake manifold gasket   154-2495
Connecting rod   114-0397
Carb / fuel pump gasket kit   142-0571

Cylinder Heads - These numbers are for an improved version of the original heads.
There is more material where they are known to crack.

Head Gaskets - These are the current numbers for optional gaskets used in the Q1.

Exhaust Valves - These are optional valve numbers, better material more heat and wear resistant.

Piston Rings - This is the most current Part Number.

Intake Manifold - This is the most current Part Number.

Connecting Rod - This part number represents a heavier stronger rod than original.

Carb / Fuel Pump Gasket Kit - This is the most current Part Number.