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Q-talk 83 - Sep/Oct 2000 - index

SEP/OCT 2000



by Tom Moore

Well the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for" certainly came in to play this year! We have all been wishing for cooler weather for the annual Ottawa Fly-In and guess what? We all got what we wished for, IN SPADES! The temperatures got down into the 20's during the nights and only worked their way into the 40's during the day. The wind was a little brisk coming out of the north, but it was pretty much down the runway, so it had little affect on the planes. The skies remained fairly clear, so the cold weather was tolerated while everyone enjoyed walking around looking at Quickies for the last gathering of 2000.

We had an energetic group of pilots show up who were giving rides to those who were still building. I got a chance to fly with Les Hildebrand in his Q-200. I have about 300 hours on my Q and during that time I've treated myself to the full spectrum of possible landings. I have really come to appreciate a GOOD landing. Thanks Les!


Bruce Crain ........ Q-200 ..... Enid, Ok

Terry Crouch ....... Q-1 ....... Bettendorf, IA

Paul Fisher ........ Q-200 ..... Taylor Ridge, IL

Les Hildebrand ..... Q-200 ..... Kansas City, MO

Sam Hoskins ........ Q-200 ..... Murphysboro, IL

Jerry Kennedy ...... Q-2 ....... Sioux Falls, SD

Larry Koutz ........ Q-200 ..... Valdosta, GA


With the weather what it was and the hangar being heated, the forums were quite popular. The morning started off with the Dragonfly and Quickie forums. Steve Bennett then followed with an excellent forum on the VW engine. Steve continues to be a trusted source of information on these engines. William Wynn presented the next forum on the Corvair engine. The Corvair engine is an interesting option, but it still needs to be seen if it will be a good match for the Q-2. William is very knowledgeable about the Corvair and seems to be very dedicated to its success.

There are a couple of Q-2 guys, Mike Brown and Pat Panzera, who have made the commitment to the Corvair so we hope we see them flying in the future. (Jon Finley is just getting his Subaru installation sorted out and we should have an article in one of the next issues.)

Alan Thayer presented some information on his work with the newly designed carbon fiber spar for his Q-1. The canard has been completed and installed on the plane. The engineer who designed the spar worked with Alan to perform a load test. Alan had video taped the testing and brought it with him to Ottawa. The spar passed with flying colors. This certainly is good news for the Q-1 guys. Alan mentioned that the engineer believes that the same material could be used in a LS1 canard for any Q-2/Q-200 needs. If you are interested in this, you can contact Alan for more info.

The 4th annual Ottawa Performance Evaluation got underway in the afternoon. The winds really kept the speeds down this year from the ones posted last year. Everyone had to take off to the north and then fly out to a designated road before turning back to the south to head on course. This extra distance and the winds really skewed the times. Sam Hoskins was the first Q with an average time of 163.0 MPH.

The evening banquet was held in the hanger, but since it was heated, it was very comfortable. Don Stewart has found a new caterer, the dinner was very good and there was plenty of food for even the hardiest of appetites (Larry Koutz).

Despite the cold this year, everyone enjoyed themselves and had a chance to talk and gawk Quickies until they ran out of steam. Thanks to everyone for another successful Ottawa.

Keep building, it's worth it.




Next years Mattoon Fly-In is now on the calendar. The date has been set for June 1-3. It will be hosted again by Keith Welch and Steve Larribee. There was a little weather last year so the odds are with us for some blue skies.

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