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Q-talk 82 - Jul/Aug 2000 - index

JUL/AUG 2000



by Tom Moore


I was hoping to get to Oshkosh from Dallas via North Carolina this year, but the best-laid plans didn't help. I was entered in the Airventure Cup Race sponsored by the EAA. The race was planned to start in North Carolina and end up in Oshkosh two days later. On the first day of the race the route took us from NC to Dayton, Ohio. We then stopped for the night with some special activities scheduled in Dayton. The next day we would leave Dayton for the finish line near Oshkosh.

Well, all the planning was upset by mother nature. She kept a nasty weather system churning around the east coast and I never got past Tullahoma, Tennessee. The weather was bad enough that they moved the start of the race from North Carolina to Dayton. I was already in Oshkosh by then and never got word of the change. As they say "Better luck next year".

The weather in Oshkosh turned out to be a little better. We did have a few planes stay away due to weather, but eight planes made it in.


Bruce Crain ...... Enid, OK

Bob Farnam ....... Livermore, CA

Mark Greenwood ... Hendersonville, TN

Sam Hoskins ...... Murphysboro, IL

Larry Koutz ...... Valdosta, GA

Bob Last ......... Morgantownation, WV

Michel Moreau .... Montreal, Canada

Tom Moore ........ Frisco, TX


There were plenty of other QBAers who drove in from all directions.

Most of the QBA activities took place on one day. The First Annual QBA Brat Roast took place Friday evening. It was hosted by Mike Brown and his Dad, Jim, at their campsite. We had had such good luck with the roast at Sun 'n Fun, I asked Mike if he could help us out at OSH. One of Mike's neighbors brought out an extra grill and proceeded to cook the brats for us. There was a good turnout and everyone got their fill of good Wisconsin brats. It's in the plans to do it again next year.

Just after the roast that evening, there was a QBA forum hosted by Jim Masal. This was held on the other side of the field, but many of the guys walked over, even with full bellies.


As you know, Ottawa is now upon us again. I hope you will try and join us this year for this fly-in. Ottawa is always our biggest turnout of the year and I'm sure this year will be no exception. It's been moved back to October now so there is a good chance we will experience some nice fall Kansas weather.





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