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Q-talk 79 - Jan/Feb 2000 - index

JAN/FEB 2000



by Tom Moore

Since you are reading this newsletter, it looks like the QBA has managed to sneak through to the new millennium. I did review the QBA corporate policy for such occurrences and quickly found the paragraph that covered this situation. The instructions were quite clear, "IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!"

I do have to admit to a couple of personal preparations. I did fill the gas tank in the truck and added a few extra dollars to my wallet, but that's all. No generators or K-rations here. Anyway, the computer still powers up and the QBA staff (Sharon) is ready to go, and that's what counts.

2000 should offer you a lot of opportunity to make some major progress on your planes. For those of you in need of some motivational uplifting, there will be several air shows and fly-ins to help you get going in this new millennium.

By the time you read this, the guys on the west coast have had their Bullhead City Fly-In on February 25-26. This was held at the Laughlin Airport in Nevada. For those that made it out there, I hope the slot machines didn't get the money you had set aside for that GPS.

Sun 'N Fun is just around the corner. This is the first big airshow of the year and opportunity to see what's new on the market for 2000. For those of you in the north, this would be a good chance to thaw out those bones. The show starts April 9th and goes through the 15th.

The SUN 100 RACE is scheduled to run Monday morning. This race really gives us a chance to show off the capabilities of our planes. We had three planes enter last year and maybe we will get a couple more to enter this year. If you're interested in entering this, contact Jerry Aguilar at Aircraft Spruce. 1-800-824-1930.

We should have a QBA forum scheduled, but they haven't published the schedule yet. It will most likely be held on Sunday morning, the first day of Sun 'N Fun, at around 09:00 a.m. Check the schedule when you arrive. Sunday is the busiest traffic day of the entire week. If you're driving into the show and plan to attend the forum, I recommend that you get an early start.

Sun 'N Fun has a pretty good FLY MARKET so bring your list of things you need. Just be careful of what you buy. I still have a few items on my shelf at home that really didn't fit my needs and they will collect dust forever. Make sure you have the exact sizes of anything you're looking for.

The THIRD ANNUAL QBA HOTDOG ROAST is scheduled for Monday (4/10/11) of the SNF show. The roast will be held in the camping area like last year. I will have directions to the roast at the forum on Sunday and will also place a map on one of the planes on the flight line. Dave and Susie Richardson have agreed to host the event again, so you know it will be well organized. This will be a $2.00 ALL YOU CAN EAT/DRINK (SODA) like last year. So if you really want to take advantage of this, skip breakfast or lunch that day and show up hungry.



Coming up in June you'll have a new fly-in to go to. Q builder Keith Welsh has joined up with Dragonfly builder Steve Laribee to host a mid-west fly-in. This event will be held in the blossoming metropolis of Mattoon, Illinois. Keith and Steve live nearby and will handle all the arrangements and are promising a well-organized, nothing fancy, good time event. This will be bare bone, 100% no frills, Quickie and Dragonfly get together. Just the way I like it!

The Mattoon get together is planned for June 24-26. This is a Friday through Sunday event. Most everything will happen on Saturday, but for the Friday arrivals and Sunday departures, there will be plenty of time to talk and gawk some additional hours.

There are several hotels and restaurants nearby. Arrangements for free overnight hangar space have been made. The airport has a meeting room that is available for us and a restaurant is also on the field. As of right now, there will be only one organized meal and this will take place at one of the local restaurants Saturday night. No prizes and no awards - just come and enjoy. I will have more specific info in the next newsletter, which will still give you plenty of time to make plans. If you just can't wait until then, check the QBA web site for some additional info found on the EVENTS page.

Where do you go from Mattoon? It's on to Oshkosh and then we'll finish off the year in October in OTTAWA, KS.

So if you need that motivational jolt to help get you going, give one of these places a try. Any one of them will give you a good boost to carry through the year. Just thinking about going will help a lot.

Keep building, it's worth it.


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